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Sri Lanka

I recently met Jeremy Everhart, the principal of Taiwan Adventist International School (TAIS), and asked him about the role of Adventist education in reaching the young people of Taiwan. He told me that of the 60 some students who attend TAIS each year, only between 5 to 7 are Christian. 

“It’s tough to share the gospel here,” says Jeremy. One challenge the teachers face is a basic tenet of Buddhism called Filial Piety. It is an absolute requirement for the students to honor and obey their parents, whether living or dead. 

Each of our schools in Taiwan has stories about students who have grown to love Jesus. “But there are times,” says Jeremy, “when someone asks me how many baptisms we’ve had and I tell them, ‘None.’  And I don’t feel bad about that because our purpose isn’t to sign students up for baptismal classes. I believe that later in life these students will face struggles and they’ll remember our Bible classes and worships. They’ll remember how we lived our lives. We’re planting seeds here and leaving the future to God.”

I was struck by that phrase, “planting seeds.” For that’s what all these teachers in Taiwan are doing. And all the hospital workers. And Samuel and Esther. And all the Global Mission pioneers. 

And you. Because your prayers and financial support of the mission offerings and Global Mission help make all this possible.

Together we’re planting seeds and the kingdom of God is growing in Taiwan.

 Thank you!


P.S.  Every dollar given to Global Mission goes directly to the front lines of mission. 

January 2013


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