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Most of the students who attend Taipei Adventist American School (TAAS) and Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy (TAPA) come from non-Christian homes. Many have never seen a Bible or heard the name of Jesus. Our educational institutions in Taiwan are a huge mission opportunity for our church.  The teachers and staff take this seriously and daily pray for the salvation of their students and parents.  

Many Taiwanese parents prefer Adventist schools because they offer an American/English curriculum, high-quality education, and loving teachers. This provides an opportunity to meet their educational needs and reach out to them with the love of Jesus. 

“Our Adventist schools are one of the most powerful entry points we have with non-Adventists in Taiwan because of the daily contact we have with the students and their parents,” says Mike Munsey, a third grade teacher at TAAS. “We’re following the model of Christ by meeting their educational needs first,” adds principal, David Robinson. “Then through daily Bible study and the example of loving teachers, we show them Christ.”

Many students share what they discover at school with their families. One TAAS student named Arron shared the Daniel Challenge with his parents, a 10-day diet plan he learned about in Mr. Munsey’s class.  Arron’s parents followed the diet and felt much better. Arron’s mother took Bible studies and was baptized. The family has since moved to the States where the children attend an Adventist academy. 

“Last year, three students from TAAS were baptized through the work of our teachers’ daily Bible classes,” says Robinson. “Please pray for our schools and teachers in Taiwan as they strive to model Jesus’ love in the classroom every day.”

Originally from the United States, David and Ulena Robinson have served at TAAS for 15 years. David is the principal and Ulena teaches second grade.  

January 2013


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