Papua New Guinea | March 2

Vahid's Burning Faith


Ten-year-old Vahid [vah-HEED] looked up as his sister walked home from church. He admired her uniform—green skirt, white blouse, and yellow neckerchief. He walked toward her. “When can I join Pathfinders and wear a uniform like yours?” he asked. 

“You’re old enough,” she said, smiling. “You can come to church with me next week.”

Vahid’s family didn’t attend church, but his aunt had taken his sister. Now Vahid was eager to go too. On Sabbath Vahid and his sister walked to church. He found the children’s class and enjoyed the songs and Bible stories. That afternoon he and his sister went to Pathfinders. It was great! Soon Vahid earned the right to wear the yellow neckerchief of a Pathfinder.

Finding Ways to Share

Vahid realized that being a Pathfinder was more than wearing a uniform. He studied the Pathfinder law and pledge, learned to be a good citizen, and shared his faith with others. 

One day Vahid asked his mother if they could have family worship. “I’ll lead,” he offered. His mother agreed, but his father wasn’t interested. After dinner Vahid called the family together. He read a Bible verse and explained what it meant. Then he prayed. His family began having family worship every evening. Vahid found ideas and Bible texts in his Sabbath School lesson. It felt good leading the family worship. 

When Vahid’s teacher asked him to lead his school’s religion class, he agreed. Some boys teased him, but others admired his willingness to lead the class.

Vahid loved to sing and formed a singing group. He taught his friends songs he had learned in church.  Five of the boys began attending church with him. They named their group the Soul Seekers and looked for ways to reach out to others. They visited former church members and shut-ins, singing and leading Bible studies. 

Tragedy to Triumph

Then Vahid’s father became seriously ill. He needed major surgery, but the family didn’t have the money for the surgery. Vahid’s heart felt heavy. Without a miracle, his father would die.

Vahid’s father began reading the Bible. He joined the family worships, and when he was too ill to get out of bed, the family prayed in his bedroom. He asked Vahid to invite the Soul Seekers to sing and pray for him. 

Then a miracle happened. Vahid’s father began to feel better. The doctors said it was impossible, but Father was getting better without surgery. “God is healing me,” Father declared. When Father felt strong enough, he began attending church with the family. He asked Vahid and his friends to study the Bible with him. Mother joined the Bible studies as well, and before long Vahid’s parents joined the Adventist Church. Today Vahid’s family worships God together, and Vahid’s love for God helped make it happen. 

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