Papua New Guinea | February 23

Leanne's Special Prayers


Leanne is 6 years old. She lives in a city in Papua New Guinea. There are many Adventists in Papua New Guinea. Leanne has a special gift; she loves to pray for people. “My mommy and daddy have taught me to pray about everything,” Leanne says. 

Praying for the Dentist

“When my tooth was hurting, Daddy took me to the dentist. The dentist saw another tooth pushing in behind the one that was there. He told my daddy that he had to pull the first tooth so that the next one would come in properly. He said it would hurt, but I wasn’t afraid. I told him, ‘It’s OK to pull the tooth, but let’s pray first.’”  

The dentist was surprised that such a little girl wanted to talk to Jesus. Leanne told the dentist to close his eyes and fold his hands. Then she prayed. “Dear Jesus, please help me be brave, and help the dentist to pull the tooth out so the new one can come in right.” 

Making Friends for Jesus

The dentist was so surprised that Leanne had prayed for him that he took her to meet another doctor, a man who didn’t believe in God. The doctor and Leanne became good friends. Later the doctor told Leanne’s parents, “You’re raising your child so nicely. What is your secret?” 

Father explained that the family prays together every day. When Leanne and her father were ready to leave, Leanne said, “Doctor, I want to pray for you.” When Leanne said amen, the doctor had tears in his eyes. The doctor asked Leanne to pray that the government would grant him the permits he needed in order to build a medical laboratory in another town. Leanne smiled and nodded.

Every day Leanne prayed for the doctor. One day the doctor called to tell Leanne’s family that the government had approved his request for a medical lab. “You and I will be partners,” he told Leanne. When Leanne and her little sister stop by to pray for him, the doctor always makes time. 

Baby Grace

One day the doctor told Leanne, “My little granddaughter Grace is sick with a disease that usually kills babies. Leanne, would you pray for little Baby Grace? She’s only 1 year old.”

Leanne promised to pray for Baby Grace, and she did. A month later the doctor said that Baby Grace was much better. 

Leanne’s mother invited Baby Grace’s mother to church. She was happy to worship God, who had helped her baby. And Baby Grace didn’t want Leanne to leave her side.

Leanne and her family are praying for an opportunity to study the Bible with her doctor friend as well as Baby Grace’s father. “We want them to know how much Jesus loves them,” Leanne says earnestly. 

Engine Trouble

One time the family was going to a meeting at a camp when the car’s engine failed. Daddy is a mechanic, and he knew that the engine was ruined. A friend stopped to help and offered to take the family to the camp. But Leanne said, “Wait! We need to pray.”  Then Leanne prayed. “Dear God, we are on Your business. Please fix Daddy’s car so we can get to the camp.” Then she told her father to start the car. It started right up. But before they drove on to the camp, Leanne said they must not go until they thanked God. The man who had stopped to help the family isn’t a Christian, but he saw how God answered a child’s prayers.

God is blessing Leanne with great faith and a love for praying. “I love God and know He hears my prayers. It’s important to pray whenever you have a problem,” Leanne says. “Jesus hears our prayers and loves to answer.”

Boys and girls, many children all over the world need to know that Jesus loves them. Our mission offerings help people tell others about God. Let’s pray for those children right now.

[Close with prayer.]

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