Papua New Guinea | February 2

Gabi's Great Discovery


Gabi is 9 years old and in third grade. She lives on an island called New Britain, which is part of Papua New Guinea. [Locate Papua New Guinea on the map.] Her family isn’t Adventist, but her father sends her to the Adventist school so she can learn English. 

Lots to Like

“I like my school,” Gabi says. “I like learning about the Bible and singing happy songs about Jesus. When we go into the church every morning for worship, we sing loudly so that the people walking by hear us. Sometimes they stop and listen.

“I like my teachers because they’re kind to us and help us. My dad wants me to go to church with him on Sunday, but sometimes he lets me go to the Adventist church on Sabbath. I tell my dad what I’m learning in Sabbath School and in school. I tell him about Bible heroes such as David and Daniel, and about Jesus and what He teaches us to do. Daddy listens and is glad to hear the stories I tell him. 

Sharing What She Learns

“Sometimes I talk to Dad about things I am learning in health class. I tell him that we must eat well to keep our bodies healthy. Some foods aren’t good for us to eat, such as processed foods and sweets. 

“I tell my friends in my neighborhood about Jesus, and I ask Daddy to pray with me before meals and at nighttime. Daddy prays a memorized prayer, but I pray like we do at school. I talk to Jesus as I talk to my friends.

Gabi’s Special Friend

“Darlene is my neighbor. She’s an Adventist. Sometimes Darlene invites me to her house on Fridays so that I can join them as they welcome the Sabbath. Her mother makes a special meal that we eat together, and then we sing some songs. Sometimes Darlene’s daddy tells a Bible story, and sometimes we tell one we’ve learned in school. I love spending Sabbaths with Darlene’s family.

A Bible for Every Child

“Because I attend an Adventist school, I have a Bible of my own. I look up the Bible texts my teacher reads. When I go home I read the Bible to my family and explain what the verses mean. My sister and my cousins don’t go to the Adventist school, so they don’t learn about God in school. I want to share God’s love with my cousins so that they will want Jesus to be their friend, just as He’s mine.

“Many children in my country don’t have a Bible. This quarter children around the world will give their Thirteenth Sabbath Offering to help children in the South Pacific have a Bible of their own. Then the children can read it to their parents and help them learn that Jesus loves them.”

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