Papua New Guinea | January 19

A Light for Jesus


Lina lives on the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea. Who can find Papua New Guinea on the map?  

Lina studies at an Adventist school. Many students who study there aren’t Adventists, so Lina makes it her mission to share God’s love with them.

Sharing God’s Love

How does someone share God’s love in an Adventist school? Let’s let Lina tell us. 

“During lunch break and at recess, some of us talk about what we’ve learned in Bible class. If someone doesn’t understand something, I try to explain it. 

“Not long ago we studied about when Jesus will come again. During recess one girl asked, ‘How do we know when Jesus will come?’ I told her that the Bible signs that will happen before Jesus comes—earthquakes, famines, the son darkening, and others—have already happened. Jesus can come any time, and we must be ready. We must tell others so they can be ready, too.

“Two girls in my class aren’t Adventists. I invited them to Sabbath School. One of the girls came. She enjoyed Sabbath School and worship and wanted to come again. She has been coming for many weeks now. She asked if she could become a member of my Sabbath School class, and I told that her she already was! 

“Then she told me one day that she wants to follow Jesus. I was thrilled! Her auntie, with whom she lives, says it’s OK if she wants to be an Adventist. I’m so glad I invited her. Now her older sister is coming to church too.

Bible Story Time

Some children want to come to church, but their parents won’t let them. So once or twice a week we have a Bible story time under a tree during our lunch hour or our recess. We talk about God or I read a Bible story. My Bible story books are written in English. Some of the children don’t understand English as well as pidgin, so I translate the story into pidgin so they will understand it better.

Making God First

“My parents have taught me that it’s important to make God first in my life. I want to share what I know about God with my friends. I want them to be ready when Jesus comes so we can be with Him together forever. 

“I wish every child could have a Bible so they can read God’s stories for themselves. I’m glad that part of our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering this quarter will help buy Bibles in English and in pidgin for children in my county and across the South Pacific. I’m going to give a big offering, and I hope you will, too. That way we can show others how much God loves them. We can be a light for Jesus.”

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