Papua New Guinea | January 5

The Sisters' New Friend

Millie-Anne and Faithy

Millie-Anne and Faithy are sisters. They live with their mother in the large city of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. [Locate Papua New Guinea on a map; point to Port Moresby on the southern coast.]

When Millie-Anne was 6 years old, she met a girl in her neighborhood named Julie, and the two girls became close friends. When school started that year, Millie-Anne realized that Julie wasn’t there. She attended a different school. “I go to the Seventh-day Adventist school,” Julie said. “I like it there. The teachers are really nice, and we get to learn lots of things about Jesus and the Bible.” 

Millie-Anne’s New School

Millie-Anne wished she could go to the Adventist school too. She told her mother about Julie’s school and asked if she could study there the next year. 

Mother promised to think about it. Mother learned that the Adventist school was quite good, and it was close to their home. The girls could walk to school. The next year Mother enrolled Millie-Anne and Faithy in the Adventist school. 

Lots to Learn

Millie-Anne made lots of friends in the Adventist school. And just as Julie had said, the teachers were nice. Millie-Anne liked studying the Bible. She learned lots of new Bible stories and Bible texts. And she learned about the Sabbath. 

“Mother,” Millie-Anne said one day, “I learned that God didn’t choose Sunday to be His special day; He chose Sabbath. I want to worship God on the Sabbath. May I go to the Adventist church to worship?” 

Mother agreed to take the girls to the Adventist church on Sabbath if they wished. But she didn’t go with them. 

The Long Afternoon

Faithy gets out of school at 12:30, and Millie-Anne gets out at 2:30. Their mother doesn’t get off work until 5:30, so the girls had to stay at school until their mother picked them up. When Millie-Anne’s teacher saw the girls waiting outside for their mom, she suggested that Millie-Anne’s mother allow the girls to go to the home of Auntie Essie, a church member and a neighbor, after school. 

Mother met Auntie Essie and liked her. She was glad to find someone to provide a safe and happy place for her girls to spend the afternoons. Millie-Anne and Faithy liked Auntie Essie, too. The next afternoon Faithy walked to Aunty Essie’s house. A little later Millie-Anne arrived. 

Every day the girls changed into play clothes and washed their school uniforms. Then they did their homework and played until their mother came to get them. The girls loved spending their afternoons with Auntie Essie. 

Auntie Essie’s Invitation

One Friday Auntie Essie invited the girls to spend the weekend with her family. Mother was often busy and was glad that her daughters could stay with Auntie Essie. The girls hurried to Auntie Essie’s after school on Friday. They changed their clothes and helped Auntie Essie prepare for Sabbath. Then they helped make the Friday evening salad. They chopped up carrots and cucumbers, tore lettuce into bite-size pieces, and sliced the tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. The salad was fun to make, and it tasted so good! On Sabbath morning the girls walked to church with Auntie Essie and her family. After a quick lunch they joined other children for Adventurers, and then they returned to Auntie Essie’s house for sundown worship. It was a busy day, and the girls were tired. But they were happy that they could spend the Sabbath with their friends at church.  

Now the sisters spend every weekend with Auntie Essie. During the week they ask their mother to study their Sabbath School lesson with them, and they invite her to pray with them. They hope that soon their mother will join them at church on Sabbath to worship God. 

 A Bible for Every Child

Millie-Anne and Faithy have a Bible of their own. But many children in Papua New Guinea don’t have one. Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help buy Bibles so that children can read for themselves that God loves them and wants to be their best friend.

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