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Following are sources of information that have proved helpful in preparing for the mission segment of Sabbath School. 

Visit our website for additional photos, recipes, language pages, puzzles, and other activities that you can download and print to make mission more fun for children. Go to www.AdventistMission.org. Click on “Resources,” then “Children’s Activities” in the drop-down menu. Go to the current quarter and select the activity you want. 

Adventist Mission DVD is a free video that features stories from the featured countries as well as the worldwide mission of the church. Ask your Sabbath School superintendent to make you a copy of it. Or go online at MissionDVD.org to download one of the DVD programs. 

Travel Agencies: Travel agencies often have colorful brochures on tourist destinations in the islands of the South Pacific. Call or visit and ask what they have available to help you portray the scenery and culture of Australia and the island nations. Or search online for available photos and country information.

Online Resources: search for one of the countries of the South Pacific by name, and scan the information provided. For Papua New Guinea, try these websites: travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_996.html; Papua New Guinea tourism: pngtourism.org.pg; a pictorial insight with comments on Papua New Guinea: janeresture.com

Offering device: Buy a ripe coconut (brown and hairy looking) and carefully cut it in half. Drain the liquid and save for a tasty drink. Scrape out the white meat inside and save it for cooking. Then scrub out all traces of white using a strong spoon. Wash thoroughly and let dry completely. If necessary, lightly sand the edges to avoid scratches. Coconut shells are used throughout the South Pacific islands as cups and dippers. 

Remind children that their weekly mission offering and 75 percent of their Thirteenth Sabbath Offering helps the church around the world to tell people about Jesus. The remaining 25 percent goes directly to the special projects listed on the back cover of the quarterly.

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