1st Quarter 2013

The Sisters' New Friend

When Millie-Anne was 6 years old, she met a girl in her neighborhood named Julie, and the two girls became close friends. When school started that year, Millie-Anne realized that Julie wasn’t there. She attended a different school. Read Story

William's Hard Lesson

Come on, William,” some boys called. “We’re going to the forest to play!” William liked playing with his friends, but his mother had warned him, “Don’t play in the forest. It’s dangerous, and you could get hurt.” Read Story

A Light for Jesus

Lina studies at an Adventist school. Many students who study there aren’t Adventists, so Lina makes it her mission to share God’s love with them. Read Story

Danger at Sea

Children who live near the sea are taught young to swim and handle a boat. Apolosa and John often went fishing with their dads and uncles. Often they were told never to venture out to sea without an adult. But sometimes the boys sneaked away to go fishing alone. One day they learned the foolishness of disobedience. Read Story

Gabi's Great Discovery

Gabi is 9 years old and in third grade. She lives on an island called New Britain, which is part of Papua New Guinea. Her family isn’t Adventist, but her father sends her to the Adventist school so she can learn English. Read Story

Visit to a Mountain Village

Today let’s visit Kora, a village that sits on a mountainside in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Read Story

Run Away to God

Six-year-old Andrew wandered down the steps of his parents’ bamboo-and-thatch home in the mountains of Papua New Guinea. The warm breeze pushed clouds across the blue sky. Andrew picked up a stick and swatted the wildflowers. Read Story

Leanne's Special Prayers

Leanne is 6 years old. She lives in a city in Papua New Guinea. There are many Adventists in Papua New Guinea. Leanne has a special gift; she loves to pray for people. “My mommy and daddy have taught me to pray about everything,” Leanne says. Read Story

Vahid's Burning Faith

Ten-year-old Vahid looked up as his sister walked home from church. He admired her uniform—green skirt, white blouse, and yellow neckerchief. He walked toward her. “When can I join Pathfinders and wear a uniform like yours?” he asked. Read Story

Lessons From a Cassowary

Growing up as a missionary kid in rural Papua New Guinea was a great adventure. Once we took a boat trip up a river to visit a village for Sabbath. The houses are built on stilts to help catch the breeze and keep out pesky mosquitoes. Read Story

Fun Sharing Jesus

Lana lives on an island in the nation of Vanuatu. Lana loves to share God’s love with others. Every week she, her parents, and her sister and brothers go to her father’s home village to share God’s love. Read Story

Mary's New School

On an island in Vanuatu a little school made of bush materials stands in a clearing off a bumpy dirt road. Next to it stands a simple church. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

Pioneer missionaries took God’s message of love to people in faraway lands. We still share God’s love with others, but the ways we do it have changed. Read Story
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