Brazil | December 15

God's Little Prayer Warrior

Barbara lives in Brazil. [Locate Brazil on a map.] Since Barbara was little, her mother has told her about Jesus. They often visit neighbors together, telling them how much God loves them. So it’s no surprise that Barbara loves to share God’s love with others. But her favorite thing to do is to pray for others. She knows God listens to prayers and cares about His children.

Barbara, the Prayer Warrior

As soon as she could write, Barbara has kept a prayer list. Whenever she learns about someone who is sick or troubled or sad, she adds their name to her prayer list.

One day she learned that their neighbor Mr. Peter had a disease that made his joints hurt. Barbara wrote his name on her prayer list and prayed for him. She visited Mr. Peter and told him that she was praying that he would soon feel better. She also prayed that Mr. Peter would give his life to Jesus. Mr. Peter liked to hear Barbara pray for him. One day Mr. Peter’s wife went to see Barbara. “Please come and pray for Mr. Peter,” she said. “He is having a bad day.”

Barbara walked to Mr. Peter’s house to visit.

Barbara’s Strange Bargain

“My knee hurts terribly,” Mr. Peter said. Barbara could tell by his voice that her friend was in great pain. Gently Barbara laid her hand on Mr. Peter’s knee and closed her eyes. “Dear God, You know that my friend is hurting,” she said. “Please take away the pain in this knee so he will know that You love him and want him to be well.” Barbara said amen, and then she said, “Your knee will get better now.”

Then Barbara looked at her friend and said, “Mr. Peter, if you do not ask Jesus to be your Friend, He cannot answer your prayers, and things won’t get better for you.” Mr. Peter nodded sadly to Barbara.

A Visitor in Sabbath School

A few days later Mrs. Peter knocked on Barbara’s door. She told Barbara’s mother, “My husband wants to go to church on Sabbath.” Mother gave Mrs. Peter a few coins to pay for bus fare to church. On Sabbath morning Mother and Barbara found Mr. Peter standing near the door of the church.

“I’m so glad to see you!” Barbara told her friend. Mr. Peter smiled and told Barbara, “I have news for you. I have given my heart to Jesus, and I plan to come to church every week.” Barbara hugged her friend tightly.

Not too many weeks later Mr. Peter was baptized. His knee has not bothered him, and he is able to walk without pain. He says that God’s love and a young girl’s prayers healed him. Barbara wants all of us to know that Jesus loves to answer children’s prayers. And she’s right.

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