Peru | November 3

A Song for Jesus


Nine-year-old Karen could hardly wait to tell her mother the news! She had been asked to sing a solo at a school program. Karen loved to sing, and she had discovered the fun of singing popular songs.

Meeting Jesus

Karen and her mother had been attending the Adventist church for several months. Brother Luis, the church’s elder, invited Karen’s family to come to his house for Sabbath dinner. The family had a good time learning more about God.

Brother Luis invited Karen’s family to study the Bible with him at their house. They all agreed. Karen looked forward to Brother Luis’s visits. She liked the way he taught them what the Bible says.

The family studied the Bible together for several months. One day Karen’s mother told Brother Luis that she would like to be baptized. “I want to be baptized too!” Karen said. Brother Luis smiled and looked at Karen’s father. But he said he wasn’t ready yet. Father continued to worship at home with his family, and sometimes he attended church for special programs, but he had other things he wanted to do on Sabbath.

Finding a New Song

As Karen learned more about Jesus, she stopped singing popular songs and chose to sing only songs that honor God. She especially likes to sing with the family for worship.

Karen attends public school, and often special programs are held on Saturday. When her teacher invited her to sing for one of the special school programs, Karen told her that she wouldn’t be there because she worships God on Sabbath now and would be in church.

“I love singing for Jesus,” Karen says. She sings alone and with other children for special music in church. “I want to sing for God’s glory and tell others about Jesus’ love,” Karen says.

Karen is also a member of Pathfinders, who often take part in church worship services. “I’m so happy that God has taught me to sing a new kind of song. Singing for Jesus makes me so much happier than singing popular songs that have no real meaning.”

Karen wants her music to tell others—especially her father and her school teacher—that Jesus is special to her.

Sharing God’s Love

Karen’s church has lots of kids, and they’re learning to share God’s love by inviting their friends to Sabbath School and to small-group meetings.

We can share God’s love in so many ways. How can you share God’s love with your neighbors or your classmates this week?

When we give our mission offering, we’re sharing God’s love, too. Let’s remember that many people haven’t heard of Jesus yet, and we can help introduce them to Him when we give our offerings.

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