Peru | October 20

Praying for Papa


Ingrid lives in a small house on a dirt road in a city in northern Peru. Some of her earliest memories are of going with her mother to people’s homes to study the Bible. Ingrid sat quietly and listened to how her mother explained God’s Word to people. Ingrid knew that one day she wanted to lead someone to Jesus. She hoped it would be her papa.

Praying for Papa

Papa didn’t love Jesus. He drank and took drugs. Often he spent every cent he had on alcohol and drugs, leaving nothing to buy food. He even stole things to buy drugs. Ingrid couldn’t stop her papa from drinking, but she could pray for him. And she did. Every day she prayed that her papa would give his heart to God and stop using these bad things. Often she told him, “Papa, God loves you and wants you to have a better life. Please let Jesus help you. Come to church with us.”

Sometimes Papa attended church just to please his family. And in time he stopped using drugs. But he still didn’t ask Jesus to be part of his life. Ingrid kept praying for him. She wasn’t going to let her papa miss out on heaven!

Then when Ingrid was 8, her father gave his life to God. He was a different person! “I’m the first person you led to Jesus,” her father told Ingrid one day with a smile. “Now I want to tell others about God, just as you and Mother do.

Ingrid showed her papa how to study the Bible. It was hard for him because he hadn’t learned to read well, but as he read his Bible, his reading improved. Papa told others what Jesus had done for him, and soon he was able to give Bible studies to anyone who asked. With the money he had once spent on drugs, Papa bought a little store and worked hard to provide for his family. When customers come to his shop they often found him near his open Bible telling someone about God.

Ingrid’s Small Group

Ingrid was giving Bible studies to her friends. Eight of her friends met together for Bible studies in a friend’s home. Ingrid went to other children’s homes to study the Bible with them. She used a special set of children’s Bible studies called “I Believe.”* Ingrid invited her friends to church too, and when they finished the Bible studies, all of the children accepted Jesus as their Savior.

When the children finished the Bible studies, Ingrid found stories in the Bible that they could read together and talk about in the small group. “I’m still leading the small group,” she says. “Some of the children are the same ones I started with, but others are new.

“I’m so glad that my papa gave his life to Jesus,” Ingrid says. “Many of the people who drank and took drugs with my papa are dead now or are in jail. But my papa is a new person in Jesus.”

A Team for Jesus

Last year Ingrid and her parents led almost 60 people to Jesus. The family has planted one church and formed two small groups that are studying God’s Word together. “I gave my heart to God because Ingrid and her mother prayed for me,” Papa says. “Ingrid reminded me that only God is powerful enough to overcome the demons that made me a slave to alcohol and drugs. She kept inviting me to let Jesus change my life. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful gift as a faithful wife and praying daughter.”

Boys and girls, someone you know needs to know Jesus. Choose someone that you can pray for this week. Ask God to tell you how you can help them invite Jesus into their heart.

When you give your mission offering on Sabbath, the money helps people who may not have a friend to invite them to church learn about Jesus. Let’s remember to bring our mission offering every week so others can meet Jesus too.

* “Yo Creo” in Spanish

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