Peru | October 6

Beatriz' Example


Beatriz lives with her mother outside the big city of Lima, Peru. [Locate Peru along the western coast of South America.] Beatriz loves to go to Sabbath School and church with her family. She especially enjoys learning new songs and stories from the Bible.

When she was 6 years old, she joined the Adventurers Club. She loves going camping and meeting other Adventurers from all over Peru. Her club has a drama team that acts out Bible stories.

Learning to Share God’s Love

One week a visiting pastor preached about helping others to know Jesus. Beatriz listened carefully to what he said, for she wanted to know how to tell her friends about Jesus in a way that would make them want to know Him.

About that time a woman from the church came to the house to study the Bible with Beatriz’s mother and prepare her for baptism. Mother can’t read or write very well, and she needed help to learn her Bible better. Beatriz had studied the children’s Bible study course, but she wanted to know how to give a Bible study to someone else. So she watched how the woman studied the Bible with her mother.

Beatriz asked her pastor for a set of the children’s Bible studies. She wanted to be prepared to study with anyone who asked her about God. She prayed that God would send her someone she could study with.

Sharing With Letizia

When Beatriz’s church announced that it was going to hold Vacation Bible School, Beatriz and her Mother invited some neighborhood children to go with them to the program. Several children went, and they had a great time! On Friday Beatriz invited the children to attend church the next day. Letizia, one of Beatriz’s friends, went with her. Letizia liked Sabbath School and continued attending with Beatriz.

Then Sabbath as Beatriz and Letizia walked home from church, Letizia invited Beatriz to come to her house that afternoon to talk about the Bible together. Beatriz smiled. She had been waiting and praying for this moment, when she could share God’s truths with someone else!

After lunch Beatriz told Mother that she wasn’t going back to the church, but would go to Letizia’s house to study the Bible. Then an idea struck her. “Mother, why don’t you come with me?”

Mother and Beatriz walked to Letizia’s house, and Mother watched as the girls studied the Bible lesson together. The girls had fun learning together about God’s messages of love. “Let’s do this every Sabbath afternoon,” Beatriz suggested.

Teaching Mother to Teach

On the way home from the Bible study, Mother told Beatriz, “You girls seemed to enjoy your study so much, it made me wonder if I could do it too.” Beatriz smiled broadly. She was so glad that her mother wanted to share her faith with someone.

Mother and Beatriz went to Letizia’s house every Sabbath afternoon. Mother noticed Leticia’s older sisters were home and invited them to study the Bible with her. The girls agreed, and Mother began studying with them while Beatriz studied with Letizia. Beatriz was so proud of her mother, for she knew that reading was difficult for her. She had never given a Bible study before. Beatriz helped her mother by reading the questions and the Bible texts, and Mother would explain what the texts meant.

Spreading God’s Love

After the girls studied together for several months, all three sisters gave their lives to God. Their mother and father were impressed at the changes they saw in the girls. They attended the girls’ baptism and decided that they wanted to know more about God too. They asked Beatriz and her mother to study the Bible with them. Letizia’s mother has decided to be baptized, and her father wants to study more before making a decision to follow God.

Beatriz has some advice for children: “Don’t be afraid to tell others about God and invite them to Sabbath School. If God asks you to give another person Bible studies, do it. Help them to know Jesus.”

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