2nd Quarter 2014

Global Mission Pioneer Brings Hope

Immanuel tapped politely on the door of the house. Nobody came to the door, so he knocked again, a little louder this time. He had just decided that there must not be anybody inside when the door opened to reveal a woman with tears streaking her face. Read Story

No Longer Alone

Pray to God. He’s the answer to your problems, and He supplies all your needs. I, who had no family, now have a huge family. I want to use the gifts God has given me to bless other young people who come into my life, and thus share God’s love with them. Read Story

Law and Testimony

I was working as a receptionist in a law firm that was open six days a week. I asked to have Sabbaths off, but the manager refused, saying I must choose between work and God. “I’ll follow God,” I told him. Read Story

Trading Guns for God

Rajendra Ram was a poor farmer from a village in eastern India. He did not have a lot of education, money, or resources, but he cared about his family, his neighbors, and the people around him. Read Story

Finding Truth

I looked at nature and realized that there was a power in nature, something supernatural. There must be a god, but I didn’t know which god was truly God—or if any of them were truly God. Read Story

From Pigs to Pioneer

In the church where I grew up, we often celebrated holidays by killing several pigs and eating them. We danced around the pigs’ heads, and our pastor made alcohol and drank it. When I became an adult, I also made alcohol and sold it. Read Story

I Hated Adventists

Although I didn’t like their religion, I knew that young people who studied in Adventist schools were disciplined and better prepared to face the future. Read Story

The Sword and the Spirit

Joseph felt his heart pounding as the mob of angry men pushed and jostled him. Their angry voices rose as they accused him of stirring up trouble by introducing a new God to the village. Read Story

From High Priest to Global Mission Pioneer

As a high priest I knew Christianity existed, but knew nothing about what they believed. There were a few Christians in our village, but I paid no attention. I had my gods, and didn’t need another one! Read Story

Friends Take a Stand

When the topic of the Sabbath came up, Sonneo sighed. It seemed to him that these Adventists were stuck on an unimportant Old Testament teaching that had no relevance after Jesus’ time on earth and the New Testament. Read Story

Jacob's Story, Part 1

My dad decided to take notes on the man’s lecture and disprove the man’s theology. But as he studied the texts the man had given, Dad realized that he was wrong and the speaker was right. Read Story

Jacob's Story, Part 2

During the school year the time I spent reading the Bible had showed me that God is a very personal God. I didn’t understand some classes, but after I prayed about it, God showed me how to understand it. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

The Southern Asia Division covers three countries, Bhutan, India, and Nepal, plus a number of islands. India, the most populous country in the division, has more than 1.2 billion people. It’s the second-largest country in the world. Read Story
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