2nd Quarter 2014

Quietly Doing God's Work

Most people (about 75 percent) who live in Bhutan follow a kind of religion called Tibetan Buddhism. The rest of the people follow a mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism, a religion from India. There are very few Christians there. In Bhutan it is against the law for people to change their religion. Read Story

Stronger Than Demons

When the demons went into her, Bindya became totally helpless—she couldn’t do anything! It was terrible. Then two Adventist men visited the tea estate where Bindya’s family lived and worked. Read Story

Change of Heart

When we weren’t praying, and when Dad wasn’t drunk, he was wonderful. He took us places and did things with us. It was only when we prayed or went to church that he would mock us. Read Story

A Missionary's Special Gift

Like most young girls in Nepal, Kabita and Gita enjoy playing games when they are not helping their parents. But when it is time to plant or harvest rice, the whole family works in the fields until the rice is safely dried and stored in their homes. Read Story

From One to Many

The men who had beaten me disappeared, but I lay as they had left me, too weak and wounded to rise. I let out another groan. The landscape swam around me; pain gripped me. Read Story

The Seed Planters

“Sometimes when a holiday falls during the week, the school makes it up by holding classes on Saturday,” Alan says. “We are new in the school, so our teachers don’t know yet that we’re Adventists. They don’t know what Adventists believe. Read Story

Yasiah's Miracle

The pastor visited Yasiah’s home and prayed for the boy. Then he told Yasiah’s father, “You should take your son to the city, where we are holding special meetings. Ask the pastors there to pray for your son.” Read Story

Renu's Song

“We are Sharan and Sonia,” the man said. “We are visiting people in the village and praying for their needs. We heard that your husband is sick. Could we pray for him?” Read Story

Who Is That Man?

Kumari wondered about the new neighbors who had just moved in. They were friendly, but somehow different from the people in her small mountain village in northern India. One afternoon as she walked home from school she had an idea. She hurried home and ran into the house. “Mama, may I go visit the new neighbors?” she asked. Read Story

"I Won't Bow Down!"

While Priya was asleep, she dreamed that Satan came to her and told her that the mango she had eaten would make her die. While still dreaming, she prayed that God would make Satan go away. “I’ve given my heart to Jesus,” she told Satan. “I belong to Him.” Read Story

Snaji's New Song

It was Sabbath, and Ruth was helping her younger sisters and brother prepare for church. Her mother was ill and couldn’t walk to church with the children. So Ruth made sure they got to Sabbath School. Read Story

Father's New Heart

The Adventists asked the church members to pray that Nisha’s father would let God speak to his heart. The church members prayed for weeks that God would touch Ravi’s heart. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

Southern Asia Division is made up of three main countries—India, Bhutan, and Nepal. India has more people than any country except China—almost 3 billion people. The Adventist Church has sent missionaries to India for more than 100 years. Today more than 1.6 million people in India are Adventists. That’s one Adventist for every 804 people. Read Story
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