1st Quarter 2014

We're Not Ready Yet

Sundays were always busy for Lydia and her brother and sisters. Her parents were very devout and made sure that the entire family was actively involved in their local church. Read Story

Niger's Children

How do you reach a country for Christ when almost no one in that country is a Christian and it is not legal to tell someone about Jesus? That is when Christians must seek ways to find spiritually hungry people. Read Story

Air-conditioned Evangelist

What kind of people won’t work on Saturdays, he wondered. They are lazy people! Jobs are hard enough to find. How do they expect to make a living if they won’t work on Saturdays? Read Story

Jean Paul's Joy

Jean Paul was sad and lonely. He wanted to make friends, but other children avoided him or acted as if they didn’t see him. Recess time was the hardest for Jean Paul. The children often played soccer, his favorite game. But he wasn’t invited to play. Read Story

The Ghost Dancer

I had heard of Jesus, but I laughed at Christians, for I didn’t think their God was any different from voodoo gods. Read Story

A Light in the Village

Jibade was sharpening a farm tool when he heard the wail of an ambulance pass by. “Dear God,” he prayed, “please let my children be OK." Read Story

The Man Who Wore No Shoes

Zounchémé never wore shoes. Not in the fields, not at home, not when he walked to the nearby village. It was not poverty that made him go barefoot. He had make a deal with the devil and the evil spirits that if they made him powerful, he would not wear shoes, for he received his power from the devil through his feet. Read Story

Serving God on Satan's Ground

Pastor Frank carefully descended the steep mountainside toward the raging river in the gorge below. He was on his way to hold meetings in a mountain village in the heart of Papua New Guinea. Because there are no roads in the area, the only way to reach the village was to follow the narrow path. Read Story

The Curse That Saved a Family

Pain shot through Maxwell’s knee, and he fell to the ground in agony. His soccer teammates helped him off the field and to the campus nurse. When the pain persisted for more than a few days, the nurse urged Maxwell to see a doctor. Read Story

Dangerous Friendship

I grew up in a religious family in western Nigeria. When I was 16, my aunt asked my parents to allow me to live with her. She promised to pay my school fees and see that I continued my education. Read Story

Too Many Jonathans

Jonathan Boeyah walked through the main gate of the Adventist Seminary of West Africa. He hardly noticed the colorful flowers blooming brightly from recent rains. Tired and dusty, he made his way to the administrative offices and asked for the registrar. Read Story

My Faith Is Firm

Monsurat is from Nigeria. As a teen, she was curious about her neighbor. He didn’t go to the mosque on Friday, and always seemed relaxed and happy. She wondered what made him so different. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

The West-Central Africa Division is made up of 22 countries. Three years ago our mission offering helped children in these countries share God’s love by providing back-to-school supplies and invitations to attend Sabbath School. Read Story
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