4th Quarter 2013

Michel's Dream

Michel had dreams, big dreams. He lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country that cannot offer a great deal of hope to its young people. Read Story

Standing for Her Faith

Victoria is 14 and a student living in Athens, Greece. She attends a public school, and part of her studies includes religion classes twice a week. Read Story

The Brothers

Gabi and his family strolled along a path in a park near their home in central Greece. The chilly autumn breeze rustled the dying leaves and sent some flying. Read Story

The Open Door

Three years ago I learned that my mother had breast cancer. I was confused and devastated. How could God let this happen to her? Read Story

Learning to Lead

Anette was a new Adventist. She wanted to study theology, but she wasn’t sure she could afford to study at Newbold College, the Trans-European Division’s college and theological school. Read Story

Finding Her Niche

Melissa marveled at the international makeup of Newbold College. Students from four continents were studying there, and some knew almost no English. Read Story

A Significant Life

Mervi was born in Estonia, a small country that was part of the Soviet Union during Communist times. In this atheistic environment her father was an Adventist pastor. Read Story

It's Messy!

Please!” Nine-year-old Thomas stood just inside the church door, tears streaming down his face. “I’ve tried everything I know to get my parents to come to Messy Church, but they won’t come. Please—may I come without them?” Read Story

God's Path to Peace

When Ilija was in his 20s, he was a professional musician, one of the best in Macedonia. He played with some of the best singers and bands in the country. Read Story

Growing Believers

Tatiana wrung her hands as she prayed, “God, can You hear me? Why don’t You answer?” Her son was in trouble, and Tatiana prayed every day, but it seemed that God wasn’t answering. Read Story

The Test

Our ways are not God’s ways. Things aren’t always as we wish them to be. Sometimes God has other plans. Read Story

The Invitation

Rasim stood shyly on the fringe of his neighbor’s small yard. It was the first time he had attended the children’s Bible club at Auntie Jadranka’s [yah-DRAHN-kah], and he wasn’t sure what to do. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

How does one share the gospel with people who are too busy or too wrapped up in their own concerns to care about God? The leaders of the Trans-European Division are grappling with this question and have come up with some exciting answers. Read Story
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