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God's Thousand Ways


It’s said that God has a thousand ways to lead someone to Jesus. Felipe believes that. He found God’s path through a cap.

Felipe works at a university outside Lima, Peru. Every day he walks past a little store on his way from the bus stop to his job at the university. One day he stopped at the store just to look around. A display of caps caught his attention. Felipe loves caps. One cap caught his attention, and he tried it on. He didn’t know what the cap’s insignia stood for, but he liked the cap and bought it. He wore his new cap everywhere.

Felipe’s Search for God

Felipe had been searching for a church for some time. He had visited several churches, but he hadn’t found one that satisfied his need for a closer walk with God and the peace only God can bring.

Then one day a stranger walked up to Felipe at work and greeted him strangely. “Hello, Brother!” the man said.

Felipe studied the man. He had never seen him before. “Why do you call me Brother?” Felipe asked.

The man pointed to the cap Felipe was wearing and said, “You must be an Adventist.”

The man’s remark confused Felipe even more. “What’s an Adventist?” he asked. “And why must I be one?”

Your cap bears the insignia of the Adventist youth organization,” the man said, smiling. “Those three lines on the right represent three angels. The symbol of the Adventist Church is three angels flying.

What’s an Adventist?

“What does it mean to be Adventist?” Felipe asked the man. The stranger told him that Adventists walk with God, read their Bible, obey God’s commandments, and share His love with others.

The stranger invited Felipe to visit the Adventist church near the university on Sabbath. But when he learned that Felipe lives far from the university, he suggested that he visit a little church much closer to his home. The man wrote down the address and directions to the church, and pressed it into Felipe’s hand. “You will be welcomed there,” he said with an earnest smile.

Felipe knew nothing of this church the stranger mentioned, but since he had been searching for a church anyway, he decided to learn more about the church represented by the logo on his cap.

On Wednesday morning he left home early to find the church before walking to the bus stop. As he drew near the church, he met an older man selling orange juice. Felipe stopped and asked the man for an orange juice, and while he drank it, he asked the man, “Do you know where there’s an Adventist church nearby?”

“Yes,” the man said, smiling. “There’s a church not far from here. Let me show you where it is.”

As the two men walked down the street, Felipe pointed to the logo on his cap and asked, “What does this mean?”

“It’s the insignia of Adventist youth. The three angels carry the promises of Revelation, and the letters JA* mean “Adventist Youth.” Just then the men arrived at the simple church. The man, who introduced himself as Sinfo, invited Felipe to visit the church.

“When does the church meet?” Felipe asked Sinfo.

“Our main worship service is on Sabbath morning beginning at 9:00,” Sinfo said. “We have several meetings until 4:00 in the afternoon.” Felipe agreed to be at the church on Sabbath.

Finding God’s Family

Felipe went to church that Sabbath and immediately felt at home. “Everyone was so warm and welcoming to me, and I enjoyed the Bible study,” he said. “I was so inspired by everyone’s participation that I went home and spent hours reading the Bible and studying books about Adventist doctrines.”

Felipe returned the next week and the next. He knew that he had found the church he had been searching for. “I was so at peace, so happy in this little church. Four months later I was baptized.”

Sinfo has become Felipe’s best friend and his mentor in church. They study the Bible together and just enjoy being together. “We want to be together when Jesus comes,” Felipe says with a grin.

“Who would have thought that an interesting cap could lead me to God’s truth? Now I tell people, ‘This cap brought me to Christ. Let me tell you about it.’ ” He shares his faith with his wife and prays every day that she will find the joy in Jesus that he has found.

God will use whatever it takes to get someone’s attention, even a baseball cap. Felipe urges everyone to share God’s message of love and salvation through their testimony and through their mission offerings. 

*Jovenes Adventistas in Spanish

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