Peru | October 13

By Faith I See


Rony hurried down the dusty hillside toward the church on the campus of the Adventist university in Peru. He was a Pathfinder leader and thought about the program he would lead. He didn’t see the iron bar on which some students had hung their tennis shoes.

Suddenly a sharp pain pierced Rony’s eye, and his head felt as if it were on fire. He staggered and fell. A friend ran to help.

Doctors at the local hospital examined his eye. “I’m sorry,” a doctor said. “Your eye is so damaged we can’t save it.” Rony struggled to understand the doctor’s words. Lose my eye? How do I tell my parents? he wondered. They’ll think God has abandoned me.

The best eye doctor in the nation insisted that Rony would lose his eye. “You need to sign the papers so I can remove your eye before infection sets in,” the doctor said.

“Please, Doctor,” Rony begged. “I am a Christian. I believe that if it’s God’s will, He will save my eye. Can we wait a few days?” Reluctantly the doctor agreed. Rony lay in the hospital bed praying and wondering what his future would hold.

How God Had Led

Rony was 14 and living alone after his parents’ divorce. He didn’t like the life he was living and wanted something better. But it had been easier to go along with his friends. Then he found a dusty book that introduced him to God. As he read the book, he felt a desire to learn more about God.

He learned about evangelistic meetings and went. Some of his friends went to disturb the meetings. But Rony listened to the speaker’s messages.

On Friday night Rony had planned to go out with his friends. But he felt drawn to the meetings. He changed his course and entered the meeting place. He walked past some friends sitting in the back and went down to the front.

When the pastor invited listeners to give their hearts to God, Rony went forward. He could hear his friends whistling at him. Later his friends made fun of him, but something had changed in Rony’s life that night, something precious and lasting.

He was baptized and became a member of a little Adventist church, where he was asked to teach the youth Sabbath School class and help with Pathfinders. His pastor saw Rony’s leadership ability and challenged him to organize a small-group meeting at a member’s house. Rony invited his neighbors and his high school friends, and soon the group numbered more than 30.

Confronting His Parents

Rony’s parents learned of his decision to become a Christian and couldn’t understand what had happened to him. When he told them that God was calling him to become a pastor, his father became angry. “If you do, you’ll be on your own,” he said.

Rony’s pastor encouraged him to study at the Adventist high school. Rony worked hard to succeed. When he graduated, he enrolled at Peruvian Union University. His local mission helped, and he sold literature to pay his remaining tuition. He felt blessed and knew that God was leading him.

Seeing God’s Hand

Then tragedy had struck. While Rony lay in the hospital in great pain and uncertain of his future, he prayed constantly, “Lord, Your will be done. If You want me to be a pastor with just one eye, I will accept that. But if it can bring honor to You, please let me keep my eye.”

He worried about his family’s reaction to the news of his injury, but when they learned about the accident, they called and encouraged him. He used every opportunity to tell them that his future was in God’s hands. One by one his sisters, his mother, and other family members told him that his faith had changed their lives. His sister has begun studying the Bible and even brought a friend to hear Rony’s testimony.

Still Rony didn’t know whether God would save his eye. Before being wheeled into surgery, Rony prayed once more that God’s will be done.

When he awoke following surgery, he was in great pain and couldn’t see. Then the doctor entered and told Rony, “Son, we didn’t remove your eye. I can’t explain it, but it’s healing.” Rony could explain. God had answered his prayers. Rony forgot his pain. God would give him back his eyesight.

Although Rony still faces more surgery, he knows that God has saved his eye for a reason. “God used this accident to let me share His love with others,” he says. “And many are coming to God because of it.”

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