A Note From Our Planning Director

During 2011 God opened new opportunities of witness for Him in many regions of the world.

In China, Global Mission penetrated 188 new communities. Many students from the government universities in one province flock to Sabbath services each week to pray, read scripture, and sing hymns.

Throughout the South American Division 2,000 new congregations were established. They are well on their way to reaching their target of 9,000 new congregations during this Quinquennium.

Throughout Central America, the Asia Pacific region, Africa, North America, and the South Pacific, pastors have made Global Mission and church planting their number one priority. In the challenging regions of Nepal and Bhutan the gospel has made headway and our pioneers are urgently requesting additional resources. In Moldova, Denmark, and Sweden, Global Mission has supported the establishment of urban centers of influence to reach the secular cities of Europe for Christ. Exciting activities are being initiated by the Holy Spirit in almost every corner of the globe.

Your prayers and contributions have allowed us to support more church-planting activities than we were able to in the previous year. One hundred percent of your donations to Global Mission and the Annual Sacrifice Offering are used for frontline work and not one cent expended for administration. We thank you so much for your sacrificial support and encourage you to continue your partnership throughout 2012.

Faithfully yours,
Delbert Pearman

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A Note From Our Planning Director


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