Friendship Fishing Club

Onotoa, Kiribati

These two men are members of the Friendship Fishing Club.What can you catch with a small boat and fishing nets other than fish? A glimpse of how much Jesus loves you! That’s the experience of fishermen and their families who are part of the Global Mission Fishing Club on the island of Onotoa. 

Several years ago the Kiribati Mission in the South Pacific Division started fishing clubs to reach the people on their islands. Many of the fishermen on Onotoa are poor and can’t afford their own boat or fishing equipment.  The fishing club helps them make a living and get to know Jesus. 

Global Mission coordinator Pastor Titau Tavita and his wife organized the fishing club on Onotoa. With the help of your Global Mission donations, they purchased a small boat and fishing tackle and oversaw the building of a home for a Global Mission pioneer. 

That pioneer is Toaea Tokirua. Through the fishing club he has raised a small group of new believers. An average of eight people attend his Sabbath service each week. Two people have been baptized and four others are taking baptismal classes.

“We’ve heard positive comments about the fishing club from the community,” says Pastor Tavita. “I believe we will soon see the impact of our work because more and more people are becoming interested in Bible studies.”

Your commitment to Global Mission is helping the islanders on Onotoa experience Jesus’ love. Land has been purchased and construction for a church will begin soon. Please pray that the hearts of the people on Onotoa will be open to the gospel and that the Friendship Fishing Club will continue to gather people into Christ’s kingdom.  If you would like to support Global Mission pioneers, such as Toaea Tokirua, please give to Project Fund #5340

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Friendship Fishing Club


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