A Dream Come True

After the war that started in 2003 many Christians in Iraq—including Adventists—left to seek asylum in other countries. Some fled to neighboring countries such as Jordan and Syria, hoping to return sometime soon. Others went to the north of Iraq where the situation had been safer. About 10 families went to Duhok City in Kurdistan, which is in northern Iraq.

Iraq used to have a strong work going, with hundreds of active members and congregations in Baghdad, Mosul, and Kirkuk. We still have some faithful members in Baghdad who worship in a nice, spacious church center that was expanded after the war started.

It has been difficult to do outreach in Iraq because of the violence, kidnappings, explosions, and Christians fleeing the country in large numbers.

For some time there has been a dream to start a new work in Kurdistan, away from the violence of Baghdad. Now the dream has come true. In the spring of 2011 Pastor Oweda Wehbe from Egypt accepted a call to serve in Iraq as a pastor in the city of Duhok. He and his family are now settled there and have started their new pioneer work. A meeting place and parsonage have been rented and we plan to purchase buildings for these purposes in the future.  

It is exciting that God has opened a window of opportunity to start a new work in this unentered area of war-torn Iraq. No one would have thought this was possible 10 years ago, But God has His timing and we can now praise Him for making this dream come true. 

Please pray that Pastor Oweda and his family, along with the Adventists in Northern Iraq will be able to build a strong church and be an effective outreach to the local community. To support Global Mission work in unentered areas, please give to Project Fund #5200

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