Myanmar | June 16

A School for Edel


Edel entered his home looking like a sad puppy. “What’s wrong?” Mother asked.

“Teacher gave me a failing grade today,” he said, his voice wavering. “She saw that I didn’t pray to the idol when the other children did, and she told me I must bring the offering for the idol at school.” Tears clouded the boy’s eyes.

“Son, I’ve explained to you that we give our offerings to Jesus. The money your teacher demands buys flowers for the idol at school.”

Edel nodded. He understood. But he hated it when his teacher reminded him that he hadn’t brought his offering.

Mother’s Prayers

God, what can I do? Mother prayed. The family was Christian, and Christians are a small minority in the country of Myanmar [MEE-ehn-mahr, also called Burma].

Mother and Father wanted their son to have a Christian education and learn the values taught in the Bible. Please, God, tell me where I can send my son to school.

The Students

A few days later on her way to the market Mother saw some students waiting for a school bus. “Where do you go to school,” Mother asked them.

“Yangon Adventist Seminary,” one of the older girls said. Mother asked to see her textbooks. The girl opened her backpack and pulled out her textbooks for Mother. One textbook was about the Bible. Mother smiled. “Do you have the school’s telephone number?” she asked the girl. The girl told Edel’s Mother the number. Mother thanked the children as she hurried toward the market.

Later that day Mother called the school and arranged to visit. As she walked through the small school with the principal, she noticed how attentive the teachers were and how disciplined the children seemed to be. This is the school for my son! Mother thought. Father agreed that the Edel should study in the Adventist school.

Edel’s New School

Edel loved his new school! He loved his teacher, he loved worshipping God instead of praying to an idol, and he enjoyed singing the songs about God. Many of the songs and Bible stories were the same as those he had learned in his family’s church.

Mother told her friends and neighbors about Yangon Adventist Seminary, Edel’s new school. The school has grown to more than 450 students and is quite crowded. But still more children want to study there, for Jesus is the heart of everything.

This quarter our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help build a larger school so that more children can learn that Jesus is the only true God, not the idols that sit in golden temples and school classrooms.

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