Myanmar | June 9

Happy Little Pure Heart

Pure Heart

Pure Heart* walked into her house clutching her stomach. Mother sighed, for she knew that Pure Heart had had another difficult day at school.

Pure Heart loved to read and write, but the teacher’s unkind words and the other children’s behavior upset her. Mother decided that she must find a new school for Pure Heart, a school where her little girl could be happy. 

Yangon Adventist Seminary

Mother heard about Yangon Adventist Seminary, in the country of Myanmar. This school teaches according to Christian principles. She enrolled Pure Heart.

“I love my new school!” Pure Heart says. “The teachers treat us with kindness and help us learn our lessons well. They teach us to be kind to one another. And best of all, they teach us about Jesus!”

Pure Heart enjoys the daily worship at school. She loves to sing songs of praise to Jesus. “Each class takes a turn leading the school worship, and this is teaching me how to stand up in front of others and not be afraid,” she says.

Mother is happy that Yangon Adventist teaches classes in English as well as Burmese. “Learning English will give Pure Heart a better future,” she says.

Teaching Others

Pure Heart often sings the songs she’s learned at school while she’s working with her mother. “I sing them so often that even my baby sister sings with me now!” she says. “She can even do the motions that go with some songs!

“Sometimes I play worship with my sister. I tell her the stories I’ve learned in school, and we sing together.

“My mother wants to learn English better too. But sometimes she says something wrong. I say it again, and she repeats it correctly. It’s fun to teach my mother!”

Growing Together

“I love my school, and I want to keep studying here. I want my little sister to study there when she’s old enough too. Then we can learn about God together.

Lots of parents want to send their children to Yangon Adventist Seminary, and the school has become crowded. Part of our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering this quarter will help build more classrooms and buy more desks and chairs so that more children can study there. “I’m excited that we’re going to get a bigger school,” Pure Heart says. “Thank you to everyone who is helping our school to grow!”

* Pure Heart’s Burmese name is Myat Manaw Phyu [mee-AHT mah-NAW pyoo].

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