Indonesia | May 12

Just Keep Trying


Angie loves Jesus, and she wants everyone to know that. She lives in Medan [meh-DAN], a large city in northern Sumatra, one of many islands that make up the country of Indonesia.

Angie has gone to church since she was a little girl. Not long ago at a youth meeting on Sabbath afternoon one of the teachers talked about how important it is to share our faith in God with others, Angie thought, I can do that! And she set out to tell others about God.

Angie’s father doesn’t attend church, so she invites him to come with the family to church. He says that one day he might come, but so far he hasn’t. But Angie isn’t giving up. She invites her father to come to special programs at church and knows that one day he will say yes. She prays that God will touch his heart and he will want to worship God with his family. In the meantime, Angie tries to show her father that God is making a difference in her life. She tries to be kind and helpful and respectful.

Andre and His Mother

Then Angie thought about her friend Andre. He lived in her neighborhood. Angie liked Andre’s mother a lot and invited Andre and his mother to church. “Please, would you come to my church this Sabbath?” she asked. “We have some wonderful programs, and we learn so much about God.”

Andre’s mother frowned. “I don’t think we should,” she said. “I’m afraid that my husband would be angry.” Angie was sorry that her friends couldn’t come to church, but she wasn’t discouraged. She just kept looking for someone else to invite.

Friends at School

Angie has told several of her friends at school about God and has invited them to come to the special programs at her church. Some of her friends listen to her, but so far none of their families will allow them to go. A lot of the people in her city follow other religions that don’t believe in Jesus, so it’s hard for children to get permission to attend church.

But Angie keeps trying. She tries to show through her actions that she loves Jesus. “My faith is important to me,” she says. “I want others to know about Jesus. But I’m still trying, and I’m praying that my father and my friends will want to know Jesus.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep inviting people to hear about God or to attend church. We all should try to be like Angie and never give up. Many people don’t know that Jesus loves them. How will they learn if we don’t tell them? One way we can help them learn is to give our mission offering every week. These offerings help people around the world learn that Jesus loves them. So let’s tell others about Jesus, give our offerings, and pray for those who need to hear about God’s love this week.

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