Indonesia | May 5

A Home and a Future


Who knows what an orphanage is? [Let children respond. Explain that an orphanage is a home for children who don’t have parents or whose parents can’t take care of them.] When you think of an orphanage, do you think of a sad place?

YAPI is an orphanage on the island of Sumatra in western Indonesia. [Locate Sumatra on the mission map.] Sad events have brought the children to YAPI, but YAPI is a happy place. Let’s meet some of the children who live there.

Andri and Eddy

Andri (AHN-dreh) is 8 years old. He and his brother Eddy came to YAPI after their father died and their mother couldn’t care for them. Their aunt told them that at YAPI they’d get a good education and could have a better life. So Eddy and Andri decided to live at YAPI.

“I like YAPI,” Andri says. “We have good food, and I’ve made lots of friends. We work and study together and live like a family.

“We attended the Adventist church in our home village. I’m glad that I can live in an Adventist orphanage where we can attend church and study in an Adventist school. I’m glad that there are Adventists who care about orphans and provide us with a good home.”

Eddy likes living at YAPI too. “We all have chores to do. We wash our own clothes, pick up trash on campus, and feed the ducks who live at the pond. The orphanage sells the ducks’ eggs to earn money for things we need.

“This is a safe place to live, and our house parents are good to us. They teach us to be kind and treat one another nicely. We love our house parents and want to please them. We want to please Jesus, too.”


“I’ve lived with my grandmother since I was a baby. But she’s getting old and can’t care for me anymore, so I’ve come to YAPI. I didn’t know about Adventists before I came to YAPI. But as I’ve studied the Bible in school and gone to the church, I’ve learned to love God. I’ve given my heart to God and want to follow Him all my life. I might never have known God if I hadn’t come to YAPI.”


Indah came to YAPI three years ago with her elder brother. She was lonely at first, but the other children were kind and helped her feel less alone. She has learned a lot about God’s love and has accepted Jesus into her life.

“YAPI is my home now,” she says. “I will stay here until I finish high school. Then I can choose to become whatever God wants me to be.

YAPI is a happy place. Our mission offerings help support orphanages such as YAPI, which provides a safe place for children to learn about God. Thank you for giving so that other children like you can learn to love Jesus, too.

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