Indonesia | April 21

A Crowd of Witnesses

Manado Adventist Hospital

Haji* [HAH-jee] had money. He could go to any hospital that he wanted for treatment. He chose the Adventist hospital in Manado, Indonesia.

Every day Chaplain Ferdy prayed with Haji. When Haji left the hospital, he told the chaplain, “I’m impressed that the nurses always prayed with me when they gave me my medicines. And I didn’t have to worry about being given unclean meat since the hospital serves only vegetarian food. In fact, I’m learning to like vegetarian food!” He paused a moment, and then added, “I’ve never been prayed for before. I appreciate your prayers for me. When I get home, I’ll tell the people about this hospital!”

And Haji did tell others.


A few months later Abdul came to the Adventist hospital. He said that Haji had told him about the Adventist hospital. Abdul needed surgery. When Chaplain Ferdy introduced himself to Abdul, the man smiled. “Haji told me you’d come,” he said. Ferdy asked permission to pray with Abdul, and the man eagerly agreed.

One day when Chaplain Ferdy entered Abdul’s room he found several family members visiting. Abdul greeted the chaplain and said, “Don’t talk—just pray. I want my family to know that Isa—Jesus—has power to heal.”
Abdul’s surgery was successful, and he was able to leave the hospital on his way to health. A few days later he called the chaplain and announced that already he was back in the office and working. “It was your prayers,” Abdul said, “and the healing power of Isa.”


Dirk scowled when the chaplain visited him in his hospital room. When Ferdy asked permission to pray for him, Dirk resisted. “Pray for my wife, but not for me.” When Ferdy asked Dirk about his religious beliefs, he responded, “I have no religion.”

Every day Ferdy visited Dirk; he prayed for Dirk’s family, but Dirk refused to allow him to pray for him. Ferdy talked with Dirk’s wife, Emily, and learned that she was a Christian but that Dirk was an atheist. Ferdy prayed that God would touch Dirk’s heart.

After Dirk was released from the hospital, he stayed with his wife’s family while he recovered. With time on his hands he began reading the Bible. One day he told his brother-in-law, “You should read this Book and follow it!”
When Dirk had recovered enough, he and Emily flew home to Europe. One day several months later, Dirk called his brother-in-law and told him, “I’ve become an Adventist! I’m following God. Now it’s your turn.”


When Thomas was admitted to the hospital, the chaplain visited him. He learned that Thomas was a leader in a Protestant church. Thomas welcomed the chaplain’s visits, Bible promises, and prayer. One day Thomas asked Ferdy for Bible texts about the Sabbath. Ferdy hadn’t mentioned the Sabbath to Thomas, but he gladly wrote down several Bible texts that spoke about the Sabbath.

Thomas mentioned that his home was near an Adventist church, so he knew that Adventists were honest-hearted believers who worship on Sabbath. But he had never been to a worship service. He added that every time Adventists held evangelistic meetings, his own church held meetings, so he couldn’t go. “But I want to know about the Sabbath while I have the chance,” Thomas said.

Ferdy explained the beauty of spending a full day with God once a week. “Pray for us,” Thomas asked as he left the hospital to return home. “We’d like to keep the Sabbath, but it will be difficult for us.”

More Hungry Souls

In addition to serving patients who come to the hospital, the hospital staff reaches out to towns and villages for miles around through free medical clinics that are tied into evangelistic efforts being planned in the same areas. 

“The hospital provides wonderful opportunities to minister to people we wouldn’t otherwise meet,” Chaplain Ferdy says. “It’s a powerful way to introduce others to God’s plan of salvation and the beautiful message we love.” 

This quarter part of the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help fund outreach clinics sponsored by the Manado Adventist Hospital to towns and villages in eastern Indonesia. Your mission offerings and your Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will make a difference in thousands of lives. 

* Names have been changed
Ferdy Malomda is chaplain Manado Adventist Hospital.

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