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For more information on the cultures and history of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, visit your local library or a travel agency.

Online Information. The Adventist Mission website contains additional material that can add flavor to your mission presentation. Look for words and songs in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Mongolian as well as puzzles, recipes, and games from the Children’s Mission site. Go to www.AdventistMission.org. Click on “Resources” and “Children’s Activities” in the pop-up menu. Click on “fourth quarter” and select the activity you want.

An offering goal device will help focus attention on world missions and increase weekly mission giving. Ask your Sabbath School council to set a quarterly mission offering goal (set the goal a little higher than last quarter and divide it by 14, one part for each of the 12 regular Sabbaths this quarter and two parts for Thirteenth Sabbath). Chart the weekly progress toward the quarter’s goal on the goal device.

To focus attention on the Chinese-language programming, enlarge the map of the world and place a radio or television tower (or a microphone or computer) on the island of Taiwan. Sketch in arcing lines to represent radio waves that radiate outward from the tower and go around the world to reach Chinese-speaking people everywhere. Color in one of the arcing lines every time a week’s mission goal is reached.

Remind members that the ongoing work of the world church depends on Sabbath School mission giving every week, and that one quarter of the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will go directly to the projects in North America. On the twelfth Sabbath, report on mission giving during the quarter. Encourage members to double or triple their normal mission giving on Thirteenth Sabbath. Count the offering and record the amount given at the end of Sabbath School. This immediate feedback will encourage members to continue their mission giving.

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