Mongolia | January 28

Binderya's Tears


Open up! Police!” The sudden demand frightened Binderya [bihn-DEHR-yah], who ran to her father.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. Father touched her head and whispered, “Go to your mother,” as he walked quickly across the floor to the door.

Binderya clutched her mother’s skirt as Father opened the door and talked to the police officers standing there. One of the police officers took Father’s arm and urged him outside. Father glanced back at his wife and daughter before the police hurried him away.

“The police think Father stole the cow that he brought home yesterday,” Mother whispered.

“But Father didn’t steal the cow,” Binderya said tearfully. “He would never do that.”

By bedtime Father still hadn’t come home. Binderya looked at the book of Bible stories that her friend had given her. She and her father had been reading them together. But tonight there would be no story. Father was still in jail.

Will I ever get to see Father again? Binderya wondered as she lay on her hard bed.

God Answers Father’s Prayer

The next day Father returned home. “I didn’t know how long I would be in jail,” he told Binderya. “I remembered that Jesus taught His friends how to pray. So I knelt down and prayed that the police would learn the truth so I could go home. This morning the police let me go, saying that the people who had reported their cow stolen had really sold it in the marketplace. I know God answered my prayer.”

That night Binderya and Father enjoyed another story from the Bible book. The family knew almost nothing about Jesus or God until they began reading the Bible stories. Now Father was convinced the stories were true. After all, hadn’t God answered his prayer in the jail?

Two Invitations

Binderya’s family moved to another city in Mongolia, and there Binderya met a new friend named Anojin [AH-noh-jihn]. “Would you come to a special program at my church?” Anojin asked Binderya. “There will be lots of singing and music.”

Binderya enjoyed the program. She began attending Sabbath school with Anojin, too. There she learned new songs and more stories from the Bible. She tried to teach her mother the songs and stories.

When Father came home from working in another city, Binderya told him about Sabbath School. “Do you think I could go with you?” he asked with a grin.

“Oh, yes!” Binderya said. From that week on Father went to church with Binderya. But Binderya’s mother didn’t go. A hearing problem made mother shy around people. So Father and Binderya invited Mother to join them at story time, and Mother did.

Some people from the church visited Mother and invited her to attend worship with the family. But still Mother wouldn’t go. She feared that the people at church wouldn’t accept her.

The Illness That Saved

Then Father became very sick. Doctors weren’t sure he would survive. Binderya prayed that Father would get well. “I need to learn to pray for Father too,” Mother said. “May I go to church with you so I can learn?”

Binderya hugged her mother tightly. “Oh, yes!” she said. On Sabbath Binderya and her mother attended church together. The church members welcomed Mother and showered her with love and prayers. They prayed for Father during worship time too.

In time Father recovered and joined the family worshipping God together in church. A few months later Binderya watched as her parents were baptized together.

When the church started Mongolia’s first Adventist school, Mother offered to clean the church to pay Binderya’s tuition. Binderya often helps her mother clean the church after school.

“I am so glad that my friend invited me to church,” Binderya says. “Now Father and I invite lots of people to church. So far none of my friends have come to church, but someday someone will accept.”

Ten-year-old Binderya is learning to be a leader in school. One day she will be a leader in the church. Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help build a youth training center so that the young church in Mongolia can train leaders for tomorrow. Thank you for helping grow the church in Mongolia with your Sabbath School offerings.

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