China | March 24

Standing Up for Jesus


Lin lives in China. She is 11 years old and in the fifth grade. Lin wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She has already taught her younger sister, Chee, to read.

Lin would like to travel to another country and visit a church on Sabbath. If she could go, she would greet them by saying, “Nee how” [hello]. Then she would say to them, “I am a girl from China. I want to be your friend. I hope you can come to China one day and we can worship God together.”

Sharing Her Faith

It is difficult for children in China to share their faith in Jesus with their friends. Many parents do not want their children to be Christians. But Lin has learned to share her love for Jesus in quiet ways.

One time her class was having a test. Some of her classmates wore chains around their necks with little idols on them. During the test the children sometimes touched the idol. This was their way of worshipping the idol and asking the god it represents to help them pass the test.

One of Lin’s classmates asked Lin why she didn’t wear an idol around her neck. Lin explained that she doesn’t worship an idol. “What do you worship?” her friend asked her. Lin told her friend that she is a Christian and worships the living God, the God who made the heaven and the earth.

Lin explained that God had created everything—the world, the stars, the trees, the sea, and all the animals. She said that Jesus is God’s Son, and that He came to live on earth so that people could see what God is like and know that He loves them. “He’s alive,” she said. “He hears our prayers and answers them because He cares for us.”

Science Teacher

A few days later Lin’s science teacher told the class, “Who believes in God?” Lin and another student stood. The teacher told the class, “We don’t need gods; we have evolution!”

After school that day some of Lin’s friends asked her why she had stood up in class. “Look around you,” Lin said. “How could so many kinds of trees and flowers and birds just come into existence by chance? God created the world; He left nothing to chance.” She told her friends how God made Adam and Eve and placed them in a beautiful garden. God told Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden fruit, but they disobeyed. And ever since then the world has known sin and death.

Lin is a good missionary. She’s not afraid to stand up for her faith. And she doesn’t feel bad when someone laughs at her. She hopes that other children will want to know about Jesus because she has stood for her faith. Then she can introduce them to her Best Friend.

This quarter part of our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help tell adults and children who speak Chinese that Jesus loves them.

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