Korea | March 3

Quincy Shares His Gift


Quincy is 6 years old and in the first grade. But already he’s discovered that there are lots of ways to share his faith with others.

Quincy loves to do lots of things. He loves science and enjoys making robots. He plays soccer and table tennis. He likes to read books and go skiing. But most of all Quincy loves music. He plays the violin and piano.

Quincy was born in the Philippines and moved to Korea with his parents when he was just a year old. He speaks Korean and attends a Korean public school. Because he is a Seventh-day Adventist, he tells his teacher that he won’t be at school on Sabbath. His teacher understands that his religious faith is important to him, but she still urges him to be in class on Sabbaths.

Sometimes his classmates ask him why he wasn’t at school on Saturday, especially when there is a special group project or a sports day. Then Quincy explains that Sabbath is God’s special day, and he wants to be in church and worship God. Some of his friends understand, but others don’t know who Jesus is.

Quincy doesn’t mind missing classes—even fun ones—on Sabbath. He wants to be in church, worshipping God with his family. “I enjoy being in church,” he says.

Discovering a New Talent

Quincy wanted to learn to play the violin, so his mother took him to a music store to try out some violins. Quincy tried to play the violin in the store and found that he could play, even though he had never had a lesson. Mother bought the little violin, and Quincy began learning to play it.

A few weeks later the owner of the music store called Quincy’s mother and invited her to enter Quincy in a musical competition. Quincy wasn’t so sure he could play well enough. He still didn’t read music well, and he played most songs by ear. He decided to play in the competition, but when he arrived he realized that he was the youngest contestant. Most of the other kids were in middle school or high school, and he was in first grade. But everyone was nice to him, and he enjoyed playing in the competition.

Another Opportunity to Play

A few weeks later a violin teacher who knew the owner of the store where Quincy’s parents had bought his violin invited him to play with a group of musicians. Quincy agreed, and again was surprised that most of the musicians were in high school. But the other musicians liked having Quincy play violin in their group. They practiced together after school for several days before performing. “It was fun,” Quincy says, smiling.
Quincy doesn’t just play for the fun of it. If someone needs a pianist, he tries to fill in. “Sometimes if there isn’t a pianist at church, I play for song service,” he says. “I play my violin with the church orchestra, too.”
Quincy isn’t taking music lessons right now. “They cost too much,” he says. “So I just practice on my own.”

Ministry of Music

Quincy uses his music as a means of sharing God’s love with others. But he finds other ways to tell people about Jesus, too. “When my friends ask why I’m not at school on Sabbath, I tell them that my family and I worship God on Sabbath, His holy day. If they don’t know much about God, I tell them whatever I can. Some of them know who Jesus is, but others don’t. I tell them that Jesus wants us to be kind and loving to one another. And when we argue or do bad things, it makes Jesus sad.”

Quincy would like to tell other children to do their best in school, and if they have a special talent, use it for God.

Quincy attends an international church in Seoul, Korea. [Locate Korea on a map.] Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help build a church for this congregation. Let’s bring a big offering on March 31 so that Quincy’s growing church has a place to meet.

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