Japan | February 18

Looking for God's Answers


Yana and her family live in Tokyo, Japan, the largest city in the world.

Yana and her sister, Jiana [jee-AH-nah], attend a public school because there’s no Adventist school near their home. Yana told her teacher that she wouldn’t attend classes on Sabbath because she and her family worship God on Saturdays. Her teacher gave her permission to be absent as long as she completes her schoolwork.

The Sports Meet

Yana and Jiana love sports. They were glad when their school announced that it would have a sports day with competition between classes. The girls practiced hard so they could do well in the competition.

Then they learned that the sports day would be held on Sabbath. Yana told her teacher that she wouldn’t be at the sports day. Her teacher hoped that Yana would decide to take part in the sports day, even if it was on Sabbath.

Yana’s family prayed that God would use Yana and Jiana’s absence for His glory.

On the sports day it rained, and the competition was postponed until the next day. Yana and her sister jumped for joy when they realized that they could take part in the sports day after all.
The next year the sports meet was again scheduled for Sabbath. Yana and Jiana again practiced hard. Once more it rained, and the sports meet was postponed until Sunday. And again the girls took part.

God’s Other Plan

Then last year the girls prepared for the sports meet, expecting God to send rain so the sports day would be held on Sunday and they could take part. But on Sabbath morning, the sun shone brightly.

“Why didn’t God send rain this year?” Jiana asked.

“Maybe God has a different plan this year,” Mother said. “Not everything we pray for is given to us. But we must trust God to know what’s best.” The family went to church and had a lovely day. The next day they held their own sports day in a park. The girls had fun, but it wasn’t the same.

On Monday when the girls returned to school, everyone was talking about the sports meet. “Why weren’t you there?” someone asked Yana. She told them that she had been in church worshipping God.
Yana was sad that she had missed the sports meet, but she realized that her absence had allowed her to tell her friends about God.

Learning to Trust

“I am learning to pray about every situation that comes my way,” Yana says. “And I’m learning to trust God to do what’s best, even if it isn’t what I would wish.”

Boys and girls, learning to trust God and look for His will in our daily lives is part of growing up in God’s love. God can use us to share His love, even in disappointment. Let’s look for ways to share His love this week.

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