Mongolia | January 21

Binderya's Joy


Binderya [been-DEHR-yah] sat in the church pew singing songs as she waited for her mother to finish mopping the floor. Binderya’s mother cleans the church. She says it’s her way of worshipping God. Binderya often helps her mother clean when she doesn’t have classes. “I like helping Mother clean the church,” Binderya says. “It’s my way to thank God for being the king of my life.”

Binderya’s New Friend

When Binderya’s family moved to Ulaanbaatar [ooh-lahn-BAH-tr], the capital city of Mongolia, she met a girl named Anojin [AH-noh-jihn]. The two girls became friends, and Anojin invited Binderya to the Adventist church.
“I’d never been to a Christian church before,” Binderya says. “But I liked the program. I especially liked learning to sing songs about Jesus. I tried hard to learn them so I could sing them for my mother when I went home. I didn’t understand who God was at that time, but the songs made me happy, and I wanted to sing all the time.”

Father’s Surprise

Binderya’s father was often away at work for days at a time. When he came home one day, Binderya told him that she was attending church with her friend. He was glad and even asked Binderya if he could go to the church with her. Binderya was surprised and so happy!

“I had invited my mother to go to church, but she has hearing problems and was shy about going. She thought people wouldn’t treat her nicely because she couldn’t hear well. But she joined Father and me when we had family prayers together every night.”

Binderya continued inviting her mother to attend church with Father and her, but Mother was too shy to go. People from the church came to visit Mother at their home. They invited her to church too, but still Mother hesitated.

Father’s Illness

Then one day Binderya’s father became very sick. The doctor wasn’t sure Father would survive. Mother realized that she didn’t know how to pray for Father. She began attending church with Binderya and discovered that the church members really were warm and loving. They prayed with her for Binderya’s father. Mother gave her heart to God.

“Father is well now,” Binderya says, “and now we all worship God together.”

Sharing God’s Love With Others

“I’m so glad that my friend invited me to church, because now my whole family has found joy in Jesus. Father invites people to church—people he meets in the bus, in the stores, wherever he is. I invite my friends to come to church too, but so far they haven’t come. Some say that Christianity is a foreign religion. I keep inviting them and telling them about God. I know that one day someone will accept.”

Our mission offerings help teach the people of Mongolia that Jesus loves them. Let’s give our offerings with joy because Jesus loves us all.

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