13th Sabbath | December 31

Opening Song

“In Christ There Is No East Nor West,”
The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, no. 587


Superintendent or Sabbath School teacher


Program“What Can I Give Thee?”


Closing Song

“Joy to the World,”
 The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, no. 125

Closing Prayer

What Can I Give Thee?

Participants: A narrator and two adult or teen reporters plus a junior-aged child to represent the children’s project. If you prefer, two reporters can present alternating reports. [Note: participants do not need to memorize their parts, but they should be familiar enough with the material that they do not have to read everything from the script. Practice so that participants can feel comfortable adding inflection where appropriate.] 

Props: A large map of North America. (Scan the map on the back page of the quarterly or download the map from www.AdventistMission.org and project it onto a screen. Or draw a map on a large piece of paper.) 

Narrator: Welcome to this special Thirteenth Sabbath report. This quarter we’ve heard stories of men, women, and youth in North America who have shared God’s love and made a difference in other people’s lives. Today it’s our turn to make a difference by giving a generous Thirteenth Sabbath Offering.

The Adventist Church in North America has chosen two special groups of people who need to hear the message that Jesus loves them. _____ [name of reporter 1] will share the challenge of reaching refugees in North America for Christ. 

Reporter 1: North America is a land of immigrants. Almost everyone living there can trace his or her ancestry to another country, another culture. 

Every year tens of thousands of immigrants make North America their new home. Many of these are refugees who have fled war, political oppression, famine, or other disasters in their homeland. But arriving in a new country is often the easy part. These people must learn a new language, new ways of doing things.

While the government offers limited assistance to help them get settled and begin learning English, refugees need so much more. They need help learning survival skills such as how to shop at a grocery store, open a bank account, enroll their children in school, and so many more everyday tasks. Most refugees seek out others from their own culture to help them cope with life in a new land.

These pocket communities of refugees and immigrants are open to learning new ideas. Some have never heard the name of Jesus. But there aren’t enough trained pastors or Bible workers to meet their needs. 

The good news is that many of these refugee communities are located near an existing Adventist church. But often the local congregation has no idea how to effectively reach them. If the members knew how to reach out to their new neighbors, they would find people willing to respond. But there are few funds to provide this type of training.

So many people in North America need to hear God’s end-time message. Let’s help equip our members to share that message. Let’s provide pastors and Bible workers to teach the people and plant churches among them. Part of today’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help reach the millions who now call North America their home. 

Narrator: What a great opportunity! What a huge challenge! God calls us to reach those living among us who need to hear His message. It’s our duty to reach them, love them, and lead them to Jesus.

Native Americans also need to hear God’s message of love. They have lived in North America for several thousand years, longer than anyone else. They roamed the plains, lived along rivers, or near the sea. For centuries they hunted and fished and gathered their food from the land; they lived in homes made of adobe [mud], animal skins, or wood. 

But when European settlers moved inland from the coast of North America, they pushed the Native people off their land. It’s no wonder that the Native Americans resisted the Europeans’ God. To this day work among the Native Americans is difficult and slow. But there is hope. _________ [name of reporter 2] will share with us what we can do to help reach this people group for Christ. 

Reporter 2: In the southwestern United States Allen and Kelley Fowler have dedicated their lives to reaching the Navajo people. Allen is a Navajo; he knows his people and is working to break down barriers by meeting the people’s needs in the community. The couple shares a vision to plant a church in Page, Arizona, a town on the edge of the Navajo nation. They have met so many honest-hearted people who want to know more about God that they can’t handle all the requests for Bible studies. They need more workers to help them study with the people and bring them to Jesus. Many of these people have never read the Bible, never been to church. 

So far 12 people have been baptized, including three youth. And many more will come. But the little congregation needs a church, and land in the area is expensive. Part of our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering today will help establish this congregation of believers among the Navajo people. From there the work can grow in other parts of the Navajo nation. 

Time is running out, and God’s children need to be warned. Your offering today will help tell them that Jesus is coming again and He wants to take them home with Him. 

Narrator: Our children have brought their Thirteenth Sabbath Offering today for a special project. _____ [name of reporter 3] will tell us about it. 

Reporter 3: Native American children need to know that Jesus loves them, and many have no way to hear about Jesus. So some children at Holbrook Indian School are teaching them. These students are trained to share God’s love through Vacation Bible School-style programs that they hold on Native reserves across North America during summer vacations. 

It costs money to provide the supplies and transportation these students need to carry on their ministry. So our children have brought their Thirteenth Sabbath Offering today so that the Native American children can learn to love Jesus, too. They invite you to join them in spreading the good news of God’s love to Native American children.  

Narrator: At this time of year many people think of giving gifts to family and friends to show their love. How much more should we give a thank offering to Jesus, who showed us His love by stepping down from His glory in heaven and living among us, teaching us, and dying to save us? 

Our mission offerings are our thank-you gifts to God each week. Today’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help introduce our wonderful Jesus to people who may never have heard His name before. 


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