Dear Sabbath School Leader,

The North American Division includes Canada, the United States, and the island nation of Bermuda. 

The Adventist Church was born and nurtured in North America. Early Adventist believers sacrificed to send missionaries to Europe, India, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Today the church ministers in some 200 countries. 

But church growth in North America has slowed and numbers just a little more than a million members. And while the church focuses its attention on ministry in areas such as the 10/40 window, millions in North America have never heard the Adventist message. 

This quarter the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will fund work to some of the least-reached people in North America.

Native Ministries

The Native American people have lived in North America for several thousand years. The Adventist Church has several ministries to these people, but work is hampered by a history of distrust and abuse. Europeans who moved across North America forced many Native American people from their homes and onto reserves. In some regions children were placed in boarding schools and given a European-style education. They were not allowed to speak their native languages or practice traditional beliefs or ceremonies. Many Native Americans have lost their traditions and now distrust outsiders. They are unsure of their future. 

Refugee Ministries

North America is a land of immigrants. Virtually everyone living in North America can trace their ancestry to another continent or nation. And people continue to come, many of whom are refugees from war, famine, or political oppression. 

While the government provides basic services to these refugees, the newcomers face huge challenges to learn a new language and a confusing new way of life. They often have few friends or trusted people to turn to for help. The Adventist Church is working among several refugee groups, but the need is overwhelming. Millions of refugees, mostly from persecuted people groups in Asia and Africa, settle in North America. 


Yours for the kingdom,

Charlotte Ishkanian 
Editor, Mission


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