November 26

A New Song

From the time Isabele [ee-sah-BEHL-eh] was little she has loved to sing. She and her father love opera, a musical performance in which people sing the story instead of telling it. Mother enjoyed hearing Isabele sing.

The Children’s Choir

Mother was visiting the Adventist church with a friend. One day she told Isabele that a children’s choir was going to have a special program at the church. “Would you like to go?” Mother asked. Of course Isabele wanted to go. She loved music.

Isabele enjoyed the children’s choir a lot. And after the program, Mother asked the woman who directed the choir how Isabele could learn to sing like the children in the choir. The director said she doesn’t teach private lessons. Then she looked at Isabele. “How old are you?” the woman asked. When Mother told her Isabele was 5, the choir director said, “You’re old enough to go to school! You should come to John Nevins Andrews School (JNA), where I teach. You can learn to sing there!”

Isabele’s New School

Mother was looking for a good school for Isabele, and when she heard about JNA, she decided to visit the school. Mother liked the school and decided to send Isabele there. Imagine how happy Isabele was to learn that the woman who directed the children’s choir would be her teacher! Kindergarten would be fun, especially music class!
After her first day of kindergarten, Isabele ran to her mother. “Mom, I learned three new songs today! I like this school.”

Isabele’s New Church

Mother began taking Isabele and her younger brother to Sabbath School at the Adventist church. Isabele loved Sabbath School—especially the singing! She wanted to be early so she wouldn’t miss a thing!

Isabele asked her father to go with her to church, but Father worked on Sabbaths and couldn’t attend church with Mother and the children. And when Mother learned how important it is to have family worship together, Father joined in too. Isabele taught the family several songs she had learned at school, and sometimes she told Bible stories that she had learned, too. Daddy often asked questions about the stories, and Isabele was happy to answer him.

Daddy’s Surprise

Isabele and her mother and brother prayed for Daddy, and Isabele often invited him to church. But Father explained that he had to work.

Then one day Daddy told the family that he was taking a day off from work so he could go to church with them. Isabele was so happy that she hugged her father tightly. “Did you hear what Daddy said? He’s coming to church with us this week!” Mother gave a big smile.

That night in family worship the children thanked Jesus that Daddy was going to church with them. They prayed that Daddy would give his heart to Jesus. After visiting the church, Daddy asked even more questions during family worship. And Isabele noticed that he was reading his Bible too.

Then one day Father told the family that he wanted to join the Adventist Church. Isabele was so excited and happy. Now the whole family worships God in church together.

The Difference Jesus Makes

“I’m so glad that God led my mother to my new school and to the Adventist Church,” Isabele says. “Now our home is so peaceful and happy. Now we’re praying for my aunts and uncles who live in Brazil. They don’t know what we’ve learned about the Sabbath and that Jesus is coming again. We want to share God’s love with them.”

Isabele has one more thing to say to us today. “If someone you know isn’t a Christian, share God’s love with them. Invite them to church to learn that loving God is a great thing. Invite them to your house and read the Bible with them. Explain to them why it’s great to have God in your life.”

Isabele is right, children. We can make a difference in someone’s life by telling them about Jesus. And we can make a difference by bringing our mission offerings to Sabbath School every week. Let’s make a difference for God this week.

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