Ghana | September 17

Testimony Time

It’s Sabbath in Ghana, just as it is here. [Ask child to find Ghana on a map.] The children at Valley View University meet for Sabbath School and church in a classroom on the campus of the university. 

Sometimes children tell what God has done for them. Today a boy and a girl will share God’s special blessings with their Sabbath School and with us. 

Emmanuella’s Prayer

“My name is Emmanuella, and I’m 9 years old. For many years I’ve prayed for a baby brother or sister. My mom had told me that after I was born she couldn’t have another child, and when I asked whether I could pray for a baby, she said yes. So I prayed that if that was God’s will we could have a baby.

I prayed every day and whenever I saw a baby on the street. I didn’t give up. I just kept praying. 

Then one day my mother met me when I came home from school. She was smiling. She told me that we were going to have a baby! I’m so thrilled that God answered our family’s prayer for a baby. And I know that my parents are happy too. They both smile all the time. 

My baby sister has been born. I’m helping Mother any way I can, for she is busy caring for my prayed-for baby sister. When she’s a little bigger, I’ll carry her on my back as we do in Africa. And when she gets older, I’ll read to her every day and teach her songs about Jesus and Bible verses I’ve learned.

I thank God for answering my prayer—and my parents’ prayer—for a baby. God is so good to us! 

David’s Testimony

“The school I attend works hard to have higher grades than other schools. So to help students score better on tests, the school holds classes on Saturdays. My teacher wanted me to attend classes too, but I told him I wouldn’t come to class that day because it’s the day that God as set aside to spend with Him. We  must keep it holy as He says. I explained that I don’t want to work or do anything that will take my mind away from God on that day. 

Some of the children ask me why I’m not in class on Saturdays, and I tell them what I told my teacher—that Saturday is God’s holy day, a day that we are to spend with Him, to worship Him and attend church. 

I invite my teacher to visit the Adventist church, and he says he will. I pray that he will learn to love God as I do.


Boys and girls, when we tell others what God is doing in our lives, we’re being missionaries. Another way to be a missionary is to give our mission offering every week in Sabbath School. Through our offerings many people we don’t even know will learn that God loves them.

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