Ghana | September 10

Sharing God’s Love

[Ask three junior-aged boys to present this program. One boy will be the narrator and take Henry’s part; the others will take the parts of Clifford and Carrington.]

Henry: My name is Henry. This is Clifford [point to Clifford], and this is Carrington [point to Carrington]. We all live in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. [Locate Ghana on a map.] Clifford and I come from Adventist families. In Sabbath School we learned to tell our friends about Jesus and invite them to church. 

Clifford: When I was 8 I invited my friend Robert to church. He liked it and came for several weeks. Then his parents decided to go to church with him, and they liked it too. They kept coming to my church until they moved to another town. Now they attend another Adventist church. I feel good that I helped Robert and his family learn to love God. 

Henry: When I lived in another town, I invited a friend to church. He came and brought his family. They still come to church, but we moved away, so I don’t get to see them. Now that I know how to invite others to church, it’s easy!

Clifford: Then Carrington moved into my neighborhood and enrolled in my school. We became friends. One day after chapel at school, Henry and I asked Carrington whether he went to church anywhere. 

Carrington: My mother got a job working at the Adventist school, so she enrolled me to study there. She likes the school, and I do, too. 

Clifford and I became friends right away. When he and Henry asked me about my church, I told them that we were still new, and we hadn’t found a church yet. Then they invited me to come to church with them. My mom said I could go, so I agreed. 

I was a little nervous at first because I had not been to an Adventist church before and didn’t know what to expect. But Henry and Clifford were with me, so I wasn’t alone. 

As we walked to church, they told me about the children’s Sabbath School. We would read a Bible story and talk about it. Then we would sing songs. I’m glad they told me what to expect, because it made church more fun. 

I liked Sabbath School, and I wanted to go again. Just as Clifford and Henry said, I made some new friends there. I told my mother what we’d learned and invited her to come to church too. But she has been taking classes on Sabbath so she can’t come with me to church yet. But some day I hope she will. 

I’m glad my friends invited me to church. They introduced me to their friends, and everyone made me feel welcome. I like the church, and I want to come back. 

Henry: See? It’s easy to tell someone about Jesus. And when we give our mission offerings, we’re helping others learn about Jesus, too. 

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