Cameroon | July 30

Daniel’s Adventure

Daniel is 8 years old. He was born in the country of Togo [locate Togo on a map], but his family moved to Benin where his father served as a pastor. [Locate Benin, directly east of Togo.] Then the mission asked Daniel’s father to go to Cameroon to study theology, so the whole family needed to move again. [Locate Cameroon on the map.]

Journey of Faith 

“My father had lots of faith,” Daniel says. “It costs a lot of money for us to live in Cameroon while Father studies. But Father said that God would provide for us, and He has.

“The journey from Togo to Cameroon by bus takes four or more days, and many dangers lie along the way. [Trace the journey from Togo to Benin to Cameroon.] Then God helped my family fly to Cameroon. 

“I had never been in an airplane before, and I was excited. But I was nervous, too, especially when the airplane went through some rough air and we bumped around. I thought we might crash, so I prayed really hard that God would hold the airplane up. I was glad when the plane finally landed! But  someday I want to fly again. 

New Home

“I’ve made lots of friends at my new school. We speak French in class, and I understand French. But sometimes when we’re playing, the children start talking their own dialects, and I can’t understand them. But they’re not trying to be rude. If I ask them what they are saying, they tell me. I’m learning a few words in their dialects, so now they can’t keep secrets from me. 

“Because my school is near the campus of the Adventist university, most of the children who study here are Adventists. But a few of my classmates live in the nearby community, and they’re not Adventists. I know one boy in my class who isn’t an Adventist, and I’m praying that he’ll see the love of Jesus in my life and will want to come to church with me when I invite him. 

“When I lived in Benin I told a friend that Jesus loves him and invited him to church. He asked me about my church, and I invited him to come and see for himself what it’s like. He came, and he liked it. After that he came to church by himself. God helped me to share His love with my friend in Benin, and now that I’m in Cameroon I want to do it again.” 

Daniel has the right idea. People can tell by our words and actions if we really love God. If we are kind and loving as Jesus is, others will listen when we share our faith. And when we give our mission offering we are helping to tell people about God’s love. Let’s share God’s love this week through our lives and through our offerings.

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