Ghana | August 27

Our Mission Field

Today’s story is another one from Ghana. [Locate Ghana on the map.] 

Kofi and David and Elikem [EH-lee-kehm] are friends. They attend the same school. All three boys like to share their faith with others at school. It’s their mission field. 


Kofi’s friend Stephen is a Christian, and the boys like to talk during recess about God. “I tell Stephen about the Sabbath,” Kofi says. “I explain to him that God gave the Sabbath not just to Jews but to everyone, starting with Adam and Eve. I explain that God wants us to do our work on the other six days so we can spend the Sabbath with Him, worshipping and doing things with our families for God. 

“Stephen doesn’t understand the beauty of the Sabbath yet, but he has come to church with me and likes it. He wants to come again. I pray that God will help me have the spirit of patience with Stephen so that God can speak to Stephen’s heart about what it means to really follow God.” 


David talks to his teacher about God. 

“During our religious education class, our teacher told us that Jesus made all the unclean animals in the Bible clean,” David says. “She used Peter’s dream about the animals on the sheet* to prove that everything is now clean. After class I told her that Peter’s dream was not about clean and unclean animals. I read the texts from my Bible and explained that God was trying to show Peter that the Gentiles were not unclean, as Jews believed. When I read the verses to her, she realized that she had misunderstood the story. 

“I wanted to talk to her about the Sabbath too, but some other children came to her and I didn’t get a chance. I hope God gives me another chance to tell her about the Sabbath. She knows that my friends and I don’t come when she has classes on Sabbath. I want to tell her why—because Jesus wants us to spend time with Him.” 


Elikem likes to sing, so he joined the school choir. But when the choir practices or performs on Sabbath, he doesn’t go. Another boy in the choir, Eli, is Adventist, and usually he doesn’t attend practices on Sabbath either. But not long ago the choir sang for a special school program, and Eli’s father told him that he should go to the program. So he went. Afterward Eli said he felt bad missing church. “I was glad I chose to listen to my parents and go to church instead of to the school program,” Elikem said.

Boys and girls, there are many ways we can share our faith, and many people we can tell about Jesus. That’s part of being a missionary. Another way we can be a missionary is by giving our mission offerings. Our offerings help people all around the world learn that God loves them and wants them to live with Him forever in heaven. 

*Acts 10:11

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