13th Sabbath | September 24

Opening Song

 "In the Heart of Jesus,"
The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, no. 577


Superintendent or Sabbath School teacher



 "Shaping the Future"


  While the offering is being taken, ask the children to sing one of the songs they've learned this quarter.

Closing Song

"Take My Life and Let It Be,"
 The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, no. 330

Closing Prayer

Shaping the Future

Participants and Props: Ask four people to present this program. The participants don’t need to memorize their parts, but they should be able to read them clearly. If you have a small pool of participants, arrange for two or more speakers to rotate through the script. A map of West-Central Africa Division would be helpful. Enlarge the one on the back of the mission quarterly or go to www.AdventistMission.org, click on “Resources” and “Mission Quarterlies” in the pop-up menu, and download the map to project during the program. 

Narrator: Today we celebrate Thirteenth Sabbath. This quarter we have featured stories from Cameroon and Ghana in West-Central Africa Division. [Locate these countries on the map.]

Speaker 1: The West-Central Africa Division includes 22 countries in western Africa. More than 863,000 Adventists live in this region. That’s one Adventist out of every 390 people. Adventists worship in more than 7,000 companies and churches spread across western Africa. 

Much of the northern region of West-Central African Division is desert or semi-desert, while thick jungles span the interior of other countries. Large, modern cities, mostly along the sea, are home to millions of people, while millions more live in mud-and-thatch huts in sparsely populated villages scattered across the land. Most of these people in small villages farm or herd cattle and can barely feed their families. Life for them is a struggle, and they yearn for a better future for their children. 

People understand that the secret to a better future lies in education. If their children can complete their education, they have a good chance to rise above poverty and subsistence living and reach for their dream. 

The Adventists in Africa works hard to provide schools on all levels so that children have a chance to learn and grow and families better themselves. Teachers in hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the region bring hope and a brighter future to those willing to learn.

Today our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering is lifting up the hands of students and teachers alike on the campuses of two Adventist universities in west-central Africa: Valley View University in Ghana and Cosendai Adventist University in Cameroon. 

__________ [name of first speaker] will tell us about Valley View University. 

Speaker 2: Valley View University was established as a college in 1979 and became a university in 1997. Enrollment exploded, challenging every system in place to keep up with growth and new technology. Valley View’s enrollment has reached several thousand students, many of whom are not Seventh-day Adventists. They come to this school because of its reputation for excellence and high moral standards. 

The university is struggling to accommodate its students as it moves forward and grows stronger academically. Several new buildings are rising on the campus, and the school is attracting the best students from Ghana and several nearby countries. 

The one need that the school hasn’t been able to provide is a church that one day will stand in the heart of the campus. The foundation has been laid, but money simply isn’t available to erect a house of worship for the university and the community that surrounds it. The church, when completed, will host community outreach programs, provide training for students and lay workers, and be a site for the university’s graduation ceremonies and other significant events. 

The school and Adventists in Ghana are working together to raise funds for the church on the university campus. Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help make the new church a reality. Let’s give generously today to help Valley View University reach every student and neighbor for Christ.

Narrator: Birth and growth are exciting times! As every parent knows, they are also times of adjustment, of stress, and often of frustration. _______ [name of person giving next report] will tell us about the birth and growth of one of the church’s newest universities. 

Speaker 3: Cosendai Adventist University is located outside the capital city of Cameroon. It’s still in its infancy, and excitement is high as a new campus is being built to accommodate the university’s students. But until the new campus is completed, university students must live and study on the campus of a crowded Adventist secondary school. 

The university’s first students were pioneers. They struggled with difficult class schedules, crowded and inadequate living facilities, and teachers who were based in the cities and came for weeklong intensive classes. But those early students who persevered have graduated and moved into the service sector as educators, nurses, and business people. 

The university and the church headquarters in Cameroon have stretched their resources to their limits in order to complete the new university campus. But once it is complete, it will accommodate more students and bring in increased tuition to help keep the university growing toward maturity. 

The nursing program is one of the most popular at the university, but it lacks a science laboratory in which students can do their hands-on training. Part of this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help build this much-needed classroom and laboratory block so that more students can complete their medical degrees and serve their country and their God in the medical ministry.

Dozens of students who struggled through the early years of this school’s existence have found work in ministering to others through medicine. Let’s support one of our youngest and fastest-growing universities as it strives to provide for the students of tomorrow. 

Narrator: Two Adventist universities in far-flung corners of the West-Central Africa Division need our help today. What will we tell them as we open our hearts and our pockets this Thirteenth Sabbath? Let’s send them the message that we care about them and want them to succeed as they seek to follow God’s plans for their lives. Let’s give abundantly so that these schools will shine as lighthouses on a rocky shore. 


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