Russia | April 30

Kiril’s New Family

[If possible, ask a junior-age boy to present this first-person report.]

Kiril is an ordinary boy in most ways. He likes to work with computers and make things with his hands. But Kiril believes that God loves him in a special way. Let’s let _______ [name of boy presenting the story] tell Kiril’s story. 

Kiril’s Story

“When I was little I lived with my mother and my grandparents in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. [Locate Moscow or Russia on the map.] “One day my mom went away and never came back. My grandparents drank a lot and didn’t spend time with me, so I often went for long walks by myself.

“One winter day when my grandparents were drunk, I went for a walk. I walked and walked. It was cold outside, and I began to shiver. I saw steam coming out of a heating vent, so I sat down on it to get warm. But I was still cold. I got sleepy and fell asleep on the vent.

“When I woke up, I didn’t recognize anything. Someone told me that two men found me nearly dead lying on the heating vent. They took me to the hospital. 

“I stayed in the hospital several days. Then I was transferred to a children’s home where I stayed while the people looked for my mother. I liked the children’s home, for I had good food and a nice bed. 

“One day the matron of the children’s home told me that the police couldn’t find my mother so I was going to live in an orphanage. I didn’t want to leave the children’s center, but I had no choice. 

A New Family

“One day a man and woman came to visit me in the orphanage. They asked me questions and told me about their family. Then one day they came back and asked me, ‘Would you like to come and live with us and be our son?’ 

 “I was so happy! I would have a real family again! I felt like crying, but I nodded my head yes. When I had lived with my mother, I was the youngest of three boys. In my new family I am the oldest of five boys! We get pretty noisy, but my parents don’t mind.  

“My new parents are so kind to me. They’re teaching me about Jesus and showing me how to pray. When I told my parents about the men who found me on the heating vent, my new father said that God had sent those men to find me and save my life. Maybe they were angels; I don’t know. I just know that from that moment on, my life has changed. God has given me new parents who have taught me to love and trust God in all that I do. Now I’m not only part of a new family in Russia, but I am part of Jesus’ family too.

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