Georgia | May 21

Wanted: Lessons to Share

Nino and Irma are sisters. They live in the country of Georgia. Who can find Georgia on the map? [Let a child try.]

Nino and Irma didn’t grow up in an Adventist home. But their aunt took the girls to the Adventist church. The girls loved Sabbath School and begged their mother to go with them. But Mother wasn’t interested.  

Special Children’s Program

One day the children came home excited. “We’re going to be in the children’s program at Sabbath School!” Nino said. “Please, Mother, come and watch us sing!” she begged. Mother hadn’t been interested in going to church. But she would go to hear her girls sing!

On the day of the children’s program, Mother went with the girls to Sabbath School. She was so pleased with the children’s program that a smile filled her face. Nino and Irma hurried to their mother after the program and gave her a big hug. Then the girls sat beside Mother for worship. 

Invitation to Sing

Mother was amazed at how well the adult choir sang for worship. After the service the choir director invited Mother to join the choir. Mother loved to sing, and she decided to attend choir rehearsals just for the fun of singing. She had no intention of attending church on Sabbath, even if it was to sing in the choir. But when the choir director urged Mother to sing on Sabbaths, she agreed. She enjoyed singing, even if it was in a church she didn’t want to attend! And because the choir sang every week, Mother heard the sermon every week. 

Mother wondered about some things that the pastor mentioned during his sermons. She jotted down the Bible texts that the pastor read, and soon she realized that everything that the pastor had said was in her Bible. Soon Mother joined the pastor’s Bible study class to learn more. 

Wanted: Lessons for Children

The children don’t have Sabbath School quarterlies in their own language, so their teacher reads the lesson in Russian and then tells the children the story in Georgian. “I wish we had lesson quarterlies that we could read. Then we could learn our Bible lessons,” Nino says. “It would be so nice if we had lessons that we could share with our friends. Then our friends could know what we are studying about God.”

“I like learning about God, and I want to learn more,” Irma says. “Please help us to get Sabbath School lessons in our language so that we can learn the Bible faster and share it with our friends.”

Boys and girls, we want every child to have their Sabbath School lesson so they can share God’s love with their friends. And we can help them do this. On Thirteenth Sabbath our offering will help provide Sabbath School materials for children in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Let’s save up our money so we can give a big offering on June 25.

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