Georgia | May 14

Now Miss Keti Knows

Luka is 5 years old. He lives in Georgia, where his father is a pastor. [Locate the Republic of Georgia on the map.] 

Last spring Luka’s father announced that the church would be holding evangelistic meetings. He urged everyone to invite their friends and families to attend the meetings.

Who Can I Invite?

Luka wondered who he could invite to the meetings. His family already attended church, and his parents had invited the neighbors. Who can I invite? he wondered. Then Luka thought of Miss Keti, his kindergarten teacher.

The next day Luka found his teacher. “Miss Keti,” he said cheerfully, “my church is having some special meetings, and I want you to come. You can get a free Bible. Please, can you come?”

Miss Keti smiled at Luka. “I’ll see,” she said, sending him scurrying to his seat. 

Happy Surprise

When the meetings started, Father saw Miss Keti enter. Later he asked Luka if he knew that his teacher had come to the meeting. “Yes, Papa,” Luka said. “You told everyone to invite someone, so I invited my teacher. I told her that she can get a Bible if she comes every night.”

“So you really were listening,” Father said, smiling. 

The next day Luka thanked Miss Keti for coming to the meetings and reminded her about the free Bible. “I’ll be looking for you tonight,” he said with a smile as he quickly sat down to start his lessons. That night when Luka saw his teacher enter the church, he asked his mother to let him sit with her so she would feel welcome. 

Every night Miss Keti came to the meetings. When the evangelistic meetings ended, Father invited the people to attend another set of meetings to learn more about the Bible. Miss Keti told Father that she would like to continue attending the meetings. 

“Now I Understand”

Miss Keti attended the follow-up meetings. At one meeting Papa told the people that our bodies are the temples of God and that it’s important to live a healthful life. After the meeting, Miss Keti told Luka’s father, “Now I understand why Luka refuses to eat pork.” And when she heard about the Sabbath, Miss Keti said, “Now I understand why Luka refuses to attend school activities on Saturday. The Sabbath is a beautiful thing.”

At the end of the meetings, Miss Keti asked to join the church. Luka was so happy. On the day of her baptism, Luka gave his teacher a big bouquet of flowers and hugged her tightly. “Now you’re my sister as well as my teacher!” he said. 

Luka’s father smiled broadly and told the church members that little Luka had invited his teacher to come and learn about Jesus. He was a little missionary.

When we invite our friends to church we are being missionaries too. And when we give our mission offering, we’re helping people we don’t even know to learn about Jesus.

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