Called to Serve

Jeetandra More

Central India | February 12

From his childhood Jeetendra [jee-TEHN-dra] has felt God’s call to be a pastor. So when his family couldn’t afford to pay to continue his education, Jeetendra applied to become a Global Mission pioneer. While still in his teens he was sent to work in a village near his parents’ home in western India.


One day a couple came to Jeetendra to find help for their son, Praveen. Praveen was bright and a good student in school. After he completed high school, Praveen’s uncle invited him to Mumbai to work. 

The boy arrived in Mumbai and visited several temples, making offerings and praying to the gods as he began his search for work. He applied for work as a medical sales representative and was invited for an interview. On the way to the interview he stopped at his favorite temple to ask for special blessings. The interview went well, and he was offered the job. Praveen was sure that the gods were happy with him. 

Frightening Illness

For the first three months Praveen’s work went well. Then one day he developed a severe headache. He took some painkillers he had in his medical case. Almost immediately he began having hallucinations. Praveen wondered if he was losing his mind. 

Praveen’s uncle hesitated to take Praveen to the doctor because he was afraid that the doctor would send him to a mental asylum. So the boy’s uncle sent him back home to his village for rest. 

Praveen’s parents feared that an evil spirit had caught their son. They did everything they could for their son, calling the village witch doctors to cast spells and make the demon flee. But Praveen’s condition remained unchanged. Nothing seemed to help, and Praveen remained ill for more than a year.

Driving Out the Devil

Then someone suggested that the family ask Christians to pray for Praveen. The boy’s parents found Jeetendra, the Global Mission pioneer, and told him of their son’s affliction. Jeetendra agreed to pray for the boy and asked permission to invite some other believers to join him as they prayed for Praveen. The parents agreed. 

The believers gathered at Praveen’s parents’ home, where they read promises from the Bible to the family. Praveen sat quietly and listened to God’s words. When the believers prayed for the boy, he bowed his head. 

The believers returned regularly to read from the Bible and pray for Praveen. The boy’s parents noticed that whenever the Christians came, their son quieted. 

For three months the believers visited and prayed for Praveen. The boy’s behavior and thinking returned to normal, and the entire family accepted Jesus as their Lord. Praveen was baptized and is once more working. But he stays far from the temples in the city. He knows that only one God has power to change people’s lives, and that is Jesus Christ. 

Barren Family

For five years 26-year-old Manisha had tried to have a child. At first her in-laws took her to nearby temples and shrines to pray for a male child, but as time passed by they stopped wasting their money. Time was running out; if she didn’t become pregnant soon, her husband would put her away to marry another. In her culture a barren woman is of no value to her husband or to her community. 

Manisha’s husband, Ruhan [ROO-hahn], works as a repair person in the village. One day Ruhan was asked to make some repairs in the house in which Jeetendra, the Global Mission pioneer, lived. As Ruhan worked, the two men talked. Jeetendra learned of the couple’s desire to have a child. He understood their longing and offered to pray that God would give them a child.

Jeetendra visited the couple and prayed that Manisha would conceive. He read promises from the Bible to encourage Ruhan and Manisha to be patient, that with God nothing is impossible if they believe. Jeetendra read the story of Abraham and Sarah to the couple. The young couple agreed to read Bible promises and pray with Jeetendra. 

Before long Manisha discovered that she was pregnant. The couple threw their idols into the river and accepted Jesus as their Lord. As they trust in God for every blessing, they have become a light of faith to their family and to the entire village.

Growing Faith

God is blessing Jeetendra’s work in this small village. Today he leads a small group of 25 people, 10 of whom have been baptized. 

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