Mother’s Searching Faith

Trilok Nadar

Western India | March 5

[Ask a young man to present this first-person report.]

When I was just a boy, my father traveled to the Middle East to work. He wasn’t a Christian, but my mother was. So while Father was away, we went to church with Mother on Sundays. Mother taught us what she knew about God and read us Bible stories. I learned to love Jesus.

My father came home just once a year to visit. While my brother and I enjoyed his visits, we felt that we hardly knew him. He wasn’t happy when he learned that we were going to church; and when I told him that I wanted to become a Christian, he was angry. But soon Father left us again, and Mother’s values ruled the house. Soon I gave my life to God.

Thirsty for Knowledge

My older brother went far from home to study, so I stayed at home with Mom while I studied. God became a bigger part of my mother’s life—and mine as well. She spent a lot of time reading her Bible and had lots of questions to ask. She visited several churches but couldn’t find one where the people could answer her questions.

Then Mother got a job cleaning for a family. After work the family invited her to stay and join their small group worship. She stayed and prayed with them and enjoyed the prayer meeting.

Mother had been to a lot of different churches and had heard many pastors speak. But something about this small group seemed different. She was impressed by the way the people studied the Bible to find answers to questions. And the pastor who sometimes led the group gladly answered her questions, usually by quoting Bible texts.

From that day on, Mother attended the small group every week. She learned that her new employers were Seventh-day Adventists and taught straight from the Bible. She learned that this church has members in almost every country of the world.

Mom invited me to attend the small group meetings with her. I was busy with school, but I made the time to go and I enjoyed the meetings. There was no Adventist church nearby, so we joined a small group that met on Friday nights and Sabbaths.

Dad’s Surprise Announcement

At first my mother was nervous about telling my father about the new group she was worshipping with. But when Dad called home one evening, she told him. She expected him to be really angry, but he wasn’t. Instead he wanted to know more about the church that was making her so happy. So she told him all she knew.

Little by little, as Mother talked to him about what she was discovering in her Bible study time, Father’s heart softened. Mother sent him a Bible, and he read it every day. He found a small Adventist church in the country where he worked, and he attended services every Sabbath. He too began to rely on God for his needs.

Mother and I told my brother about what we were learning. When he came home during college break, he saw the changes in our lives. He studied the Bible with us and went to the Adventist meetings with us.

In time, the three of us—my mother, my brother, and I—were baptized together. We were sad that Father wasn’t there to share it with us. But he was happy for us, and that was something to rejoice over. 

United Family

Father has decided that he wants to be baptized as well. At last, after years of wandering from church to church and searching for the truth, we are a family united in Christ. We find joy in our faith and are excited to share the gospel with people we know.

I share my faith with my friends and relatives. Wherever God leads me, I am willing to go. My brother has completed his education and is sharing the message of God’s love with his colleagues at work. He has a boss who wants him to work on Sabbath, and that’s a problem. But my brother sees God working out his Sabbath issues, and that gives him hope and faith.

My family knows that it is a great privilege to do our part in spreading the everlasting gospel in India, especially in the huge city of Mumbai. We all can help spread God’s love through telling others what Jesus means to us and by giving our mission offerings so that others can hear God’s message of love.


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