A Guiding Star

Life was hard in the western Washington town of Humptulips during the 1930s. Located on the Humptulips River on the Olympic peninsula, the town had seen better days for the commercial fishermen trying to earn a living. Read Story

Finding Jesus at Camp

“It was kind of cool to see the change that took place over the week.” Read Story

Changing People's Lives

When I turned 9, I finally got to go to camp, and I absolutely loved it! I went every year, all the way to age 16. While I had many experiences at junior camp, one that really stands out happened the summer I was 14. Read Story

The Camp Lady & The Camp Man

Most locals in Aleknagik, Alaska, don’t know Debbie and Ken Reiswig by their actual names. Known as the “Camp Lady” and the “Camp Man,” the Reiswigs have been looking after Camp Polaris, for the past 20 years. Read Story

Something Deeper

Camp Polaris is a special ministry, and it would be wonderful if people outside of this area could see and appreciate what’s here—the mission outreach for the kids. Read Story

Opening More Doors

“I think this is one of the first times we could put into practice all of the stuff we hear every week; we could actually be a part of something and watch the church grow.” Read Story

They Deserve a Chance

Believing mission is important, Pastor Dan leads the students and church members on a mission trip every other year. So far, they’ve been to Mexico, Panama, Honduras, and, in 2014, Costa Rica. Read Story

A Big Heart

Over the next three years Payton often shared his faith with Wyatt, and one day after hearing that they might be moving, Wyatt handed Payton and his sister, Stormy, a note. Read Story

The Kindness Experiment

Reflecting on their “kindness experiment,” Miranda and the students know it was a success. “Kindness did come back. We tried to give them joy, but they gave more to us.” Read Story

From Despair to Hope, Part 1

Though I had a successful career in the Marines, I still felt unfulfilled. Nothing mattered to me anymore, and I decided that life was not worth living. I took my rifle and ammunition down to the beach to end my life. Read Story

From Despair to Hope, Part 2

I still felt lonely, but now I knew that I was not truly alone—God was with me. For the first time in my life I felt peace. Read Story

The Sabbath Shoes

A young woman entered the shoe shop where I worked. Something seemed different about her, but it took me a while to figure out that she was wearing no makeup or jewelry. Read Story

Thirteenth Sabbath Program

Our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering is going to some of the remotest parts of the North American Division—Guam/Micronesia, Alaska, and the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Read Story
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