Western India | March 19

Three Ways to Share Jesus

Daniel is 7, and his little sister, Abigail, is 4. They like to share God’s love with others in Pune, India. [Locate Pune in western India.]

Teaching Through Stories

Daniel tells his neighborhood friends Bible stories. He recites Bible verses for them too. Daniel’s friend Pradeep [prah-DEEP] likes to hear about God. The boys sometimes stop playing just to talk about God. Pradeep likes to hear Daniel tell stories from the Bible. Daniel explains to him that Jesus died for him. “I try to be a special friend to Pradeep so he will want to know Jesus,” Daniel says. 

Teaching Through Songs 

Daniel and Abigail’s family love to sing songs about Jesus. They sing for family worship as well as in church. Sometimes they sing songs about Jesus for their friends, such as Ekta [EHK-tah], a girl who’s 7 years old. “Our friends like our songs,” Daniel says. “We teach them to sing the songs, too. Most of our friends are not Christians and don’t know who Jesus is. Singing songs for them is a good way to help them learn about Jesus.” 

Abigail nods her head eagerly. “I like to sing ‘Jesus Loves Me,’ for my friends,” she says. “They ask me questions about who Jesus is and why He loves them. Then I can tell them about Jesus. Most of our neighbors aren’t Christians, and they don’t know Jesus like we do.”

 “We can’t invite the children to Sabbath School, because their parents won’t let them come,” Daniel adds. “So we invite them to our house, where we sing and tell Bible stories and recite Bible verses. When our church learned about how Abigail and I share God’s love with our neighbors, they gave us some material to help us teach them.” 

Family Worship

“We live in an apartment,” Daniel continues. “Many of our friends live in the same building. Sometimes our friends hear us singing during family worship. They ask to join us. Of course we let them in! That way they can hear Daddy tell a Bible story and can learn even more about Jesus. Sometimes we have as many as six or seven children for family worship. It’s a good way to teach our friends about God’s love, even when they can’t come to church with us.” 

Little Missionaries

Daniel would like to be a missionary when he grows up. Abigail wants to be a missionary doctor. But the children aren’t waiting until they grow up to share God’s love with others. “Our family gives people literature on the weekends,” Daniel says. “Dad says that a lot of people have come to our church to learn about God because of this. Some have even been baptized.”

Daniel and Abigail aren’t waiting to be missionaries for God. We can share Jesus, too, by being kind and helpful, and by telling others that Jesus loves them. And we can help missionaries by bringing our mission offerings to church every Sabbath so others can hear that God loves them.

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