Western India | February 26

Sanji’s New Song

Sanji [SAHN-jee] picked up the homemade broom and swept the leaves in the dirt yard around her family’s new home. Life in town was different than on the farm. As Sanji swept, she heard singing and stopped sweeping to listen. It was coming from a building nearby. It sounds so nice, so happy, Sanji thought. I wonder what is happening there.

A New Home

Sanji grew up on a small farm. Although her family worked hard, they were poor. One day Sanji’s mother became sick. Sanji’s nani (grandmother) went to the temple in the village to pray to the idol. But Mother died. Everyone was sad. 

Sanji’s family moved to a small town where Father found a job. Sanji’s sister, Savitha [sah-VEE-thah], cleaned the house, while Sanji swept the leaves from the dirt yard. That’s when she heard the singing. 

Drawn by a Song 

The music made Sanji happy as she went about her chores. Later, as she helped hang clothes on the line to dry, she saw people walking away from the building. Sanji wondered about the little building. Who are these people? Why do they sing? 

Sanji learned that the building was a church. She often sat outside to listen as the people sang. One day she ventured to the church and stood outside to listen. Someone invited her to go inside, where she could hear better. Sanji went inside. But when the singing ended, Sanji scampered home. She wasn’t interested in hearing grown-ups talk. She just liked the singing.

A New Mother

One day Father told the children that they would soon have a new mother. Sanji smiled, for she had met the woman, and she liked her. In fact, the woman attended the church near their home.

Sanji’s new mother was kind to the children and treated them well. She invited Father and the children to attend the church. Sanji felt at home because she had often gone to the church to sing. But now they would stay for the whole worship service.

Sanji learned that the children had their own Sabbath School, and Sanji took her brother, Samuel, to the children’s class. There they learned many Bible stories and lots of new songs.

In time Sanji gave her heart to Jesus. She was glad when her father gave his heart to Jesus, too. 

Sanji’s New School

Sanji’s parents wanted the children to get a really good education and learn English, so they sent them to Lasalgaon [LAH-sahl-gawn] School to study. The children studied English for a year before they enrolled in regular classes. Sanji likes her new school. She likes to help other children with their lessons and has decided that God wants her to become a teacher so she can help other children learn about God. 

We can tell other children about God, too. And when we give our mission offerings, we are telling children around the world that Jesus loves them. Let’s give a generous offering so many will hear about Jesus.


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