Southern India | January 22

Joseph’s New Life | part 2

[What’s happened so far: Joseph’s* uncle took him from his family and made him work for people who were mean to him. One day he went to work for Mrs. Reena, a kind Christian woman who taught him to love Jesus. She enrolled him in school so he could learn to read and write. Then one day she told him that she wanted to send him to school far away, where his uncle couldn’t find him.]

Joseph’s Long Journey

A few days later Mrs. Reena helped Joseph pack his small bag. She packed some food, and the two walked to the train station. They boarded the train and sat down near a window where Joseph could watch the countryside pass by. Lulled by the motion of the train, Joseph fell asleep. When he awoke it was getting dark. “Are we almost there?” he asked Mrs. Reena. 

“No, Joseph,” Mrs. Reena said. “It will take three days to get to the school. She offered him some bread and fruit. Joseph ate hungrily and thanked her with a smile. 

Joseph watched people working in their rice paddies and farmers urging donkeys along the dirt paths leading to town. Gradually the flat land gave way to gentle mountains. He liked the scenery, but he was tired of sitting!

As the train slowed for another stop, Mrs. Reena said, “We get off here.” She pulled Joseph’s bag down from the overhead rack and helped him off the train. Joseph looked around. Everything was green, and palm trees waved in the hot breeze. Joseph enjoyed the hilly land, which reminded him of his home in northern India.  

Joseph’s New School

After an hour’s ride, the two arrived at the school. Mrs. Reena introduced Joseph to the principal, who smiled and held out his hand. “I’m happy to meet you, Joseph,” he said. “I hope you’ll like it here.”

The principal took Joseph to the boys’ dormitory and showed him where he would sleep and where to put his things. Then it was time for Mrs. Reena to leave. “Goodbye, Joseph,” she said. “Be good and follow Jesus.” Joseph nodded. He felt a lump in his throat. He would miss this kind woman who seemed like a mother to him. 

Finding God’s Purpose

Joseph settled into his classes and made new friends. Often the principal reminded Joseph, “God has a purpose for your life.” 

Joseph often thinks about how God has led in his life. “If I hadn’t been taken from my home, maybe I wouldn’t know Jesus today,” he says. “God is making something good out of my life.”

Boys and girls, Jesus wants to make our lives beautiful too. We only need to allow Him to work in us. This week think about the good things God is doing in your life, and ask Jesus to help you share God’s love with others.


*Joseph’s name has been changed to protect his identity. 

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